SecuritySpy video surveillance and recording software for Mac - unlimited camera license SS-CAMU

License for integration of IP surveillance cameras onto a Mac platform. This version allows an unlimited amount of cameras to be utilised.
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SecuritySpy | SecuritySpy for Mac - unlimited camera license

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SecuritySpy video surveillance and recording software for Mac - unlimited camera license

Overview of SecuritySpy for Mac - unlimited camera license

SecuritySpy is a multi-camera video surveillance application developed for the Mac. It offers an affordable, easy to use solution for video surveillance, recording and playback. SecuritySpy will store all video and audio digitally to the hard drive of your Mac meaning there's no need for bulky tapes or constant DVD backup you would expect from traditional CCTV systems.

SecuritySpy is not tied to any specific camera manufacturer and it supports a large number of devices including IP cameras, webcams, analog cameras, video encoders and digital multiplexers. This license is unlimited and does not place any restrictions on the number of devices which can be connected to the software.

A major benefit when using SecuritySpy is remote web access which provides access to your surveillance system using a standard web browser over the network or across the Internet. This allows you to keep an eye on your cameras no matter where you are.

Key features and benefits

  • Use SecuritySpy to transform your Mac into a professional video surveillance system. This license is unlimited allowing to you connect as many devices are your system can handle
  • Supports a wide range of network cameras, analog CCTV cameras, webcams, video encoders and digital multiplexers
  • Remote web access allows you to connect to the software using a standard Internet browser on the local network or from anywhere in the world across the Internet
  • Affordable, reliable and easy to use

Typical use

  • Affordable and comprehensive video surveillance software for the Mac, reliable and easy to use. Suitable for home or small/medium-sized businesses

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