Y-cam Black SD - Outdoor bundle wall mount U-YCBSD-SH

With on-camera recording, integrated night vision and integrated recording system, the Y-cam Black SD is ideal for home and small office surveillance. This kit also includes an outdoor ready casing, allowing the camera to be easily mounted outdoors.
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Y-cam | Y-cam Black SD - Outdoor bundle

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Y-cam Black SD - Outdoor bundle wall mount

Overview of Y-cam Black SD - Outdoor bundle

The Y-cam Black SD Outdoor Bundle is designed for entry-level security applications in outdoor conditions. The camera features infrared lighting which illuminates objects up to a distance of 50ft and wireless connectivity which removes the need for extensive network cabling.

Video can be stored onto the camera using a microSD card (not included) and can be monitored on the move using an Internet-enabled mobile device. The built-in microphone also allows you to hear events around the camera as well as seeing them.

The included Y-cam Shell weatherproof housing is compact and does not impede any of the camera's functionality. The wall mount bracket is quick to install and can be adjusted easily.

Key features and benefits

  • Install the camera outdoors without risk of damage
  • Store video without any external recording devices
  • Capture objects in complete darkness without additional lighting
  • Monitor footage on the move using an Internet-enabled cell-phone

Typical use

The Y-cam Black SD outdoor bundle can be used for any outdoor security application, such as home/yard surveillance, store security, monitoring your neighborhood or keeping an eye on your car or truck.

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