Y-cam White S Kit inc. 4 cameras and MultiLive viewing software YCAM_WHITE4

Create a small, cost effective surveillance network with these compact, wireless cameras
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Y-cam | Y-cam White S Kit

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Y-cam White S Kit inc. 4 cameras and MultiLive viewing software

Overview of Y-cam White S Kit

This Y-cam White kit includes 4x Y-cam White wireless IP security cameras and a copy of Y-cam MultiLive software which allows you to view all 4 cameras simultaneously from a single screen.

This kit provides everything you need for a comprehensive home or small business security solution. The Y-cam White is a small, discreet IP security camera with 1-way audio listen-in and powerful alarm management features such as image transfer by email or video clip creation to local hard disk drive. This camera supports MJPEG compression for maximum compatibility across different platforms, browsers and cell phones.

With MultiLive viewing software you can view all 4 cameras (and up to a maximum of 36) from a single screen and manage your recordings directly from the interface.

Key features and benefits

  • Compact in size with wireless connectivity, the Y-cam White can be installed almost anywhere around the home or office for discreet monitoring
  • Maximum compatibility across multiple platforms/browsers and cell phones using MJPEG, MPEG-4 and 3GPP
  • Affordable and easy to use kit for home or small business security

Typical use

Complete home security kit comprising of 4x Y-cam White IP camera’s allowing you to watch over your property from a remote location while you are away. Ideal for home security, small office security or to keep an eye on elderly relatives.

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