Axis Camera Station IP video recording and management software - 10 channel base license 0202-002

Axis Camera Station is a robust, feature-rich IP video surveillance package for Axis IP video devices, ideal for security networks in places such as stores, schools and office buildings.
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Axis | Axis Camera Station 10 channel base license

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Axis Camera Station IP video recording and management software - 10 channel base license

Overview of Axis Camera Station 10 channel base license

Axis Camera Station is a video management package with capability for up to 100 separate Axis IP security cameras or video encoders. This license allows for up to 10 cameras to be integrated.

Cameras are added and configured very quickly using the automatic camera detection and event configuration systems, allowing a basic system to be configured in only a few minutes. Support for H.264, MJPEG and MPEG-4 provides flexibility when selecting recording preferences, scaling recordings to fit hard drive requirements.

Camera-based event triggers such as motion detection and external inputs are fully integrated into the software, saving network bandwidth by only transferring footage when an event is detected. The powerful search function and visual timeline let users quickly locate the desired recordings, while the site map feature provides visual feedback on camera locations, making it easier to track events.

The control client for end users is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it ideal for non-technical users, while still providing access to functions such as PTZ control and audio. Remote access is also available, allowing users to control the system from across corporate networks or across the internet.

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor and record video from up to 10 Axis IP cameras and video servers
  • Easily expand the system up to 100 concurrent devices, so the system can grow as cameras are added
  • Automatic camera discovery and event setup wizard make basic installation quick and easy
  • Camera-based event triggering lowers bandwidth use by only transferring video when necessary
  • End-user software is intuitive while still providing access to essential functions
  • Access video and recordings remotely across the internet
  • Audio recording is available from supported cameras
  • Site maps provide at-a-glance locations for cameras, making it easy to track events
  • Quickly and easily locate recorded events with the graphical timeline system

Typical use

The 10-user base license for Axis Camera Station is ideal for mid-scale security networks with up to 10 Axis cameras in locations such as schools, office buildings and small stores. The software is also scalable to a maximum of 100 cameras for large-scale installations in places such as schools and department stores.

Licensing structure

A 4- or 10-camera base license is required for the installation of Axis Camera Station. Additional upgrade licenses can then be added up to a total of 100 cameras.

This license allows for up to 10 different IP security cameras to be added to Axis Camera Station.

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