Axis M1014 HD 720p indoor network camera with MicroSD recording 0520-002

With a small and functional design, HD 720p resolution and edge storage using its on-board SD card slot, the Axis M1014 is ideal for indoor security monitoring and surveillance. Compatible with the free Axis Camera Companion recording software, this camera offers an ideal security solution for small stores, hotels, restaurants and other locations where high quality is required at an easily affordable price.
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Axis | Axis M1014

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Axis M1014 front view

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Overview of Axis M1014

The Axis M1014 indoor HD 720p IP security camera is compact and cost-effective, delivering high-definition video at up to 30 frames per second in HDTV and 1 megapixel resolution. The compact design is ideal for discreet monitoring of locations such as shops, boutiques, restaurants and is also very well suited to home surveillance.

Its built-in MicroSD card slot which works together with Axis Camera Companion, free-to-download software that allows you to view live footage and playback recorded events on cellphones and tablet PCs. An easy-to-use interface lets you view multiple cameras, playback pre-recorded events and control pan-tilt-zoom camera functions, providing a complete remote surveillance solution while on the move and an easy to use recording platform for general security. The camera can also record directly to network recording devices such as a NAS drives, providing backup in the event of network failure for an all-round security solution.

Video analytics such as motion detection and the camera's active tampering alarm ensure critical video footage is captured by triggering recording when motion is detected, at the same time sending a notification to the user in response. H.264 compression eases the strain on networks by compressing file size without compromising image quality.

Key features and benefits

  • Captures images in HD 720p resolution at up to 30 frames per second for superior image quality at this price point
  • On-board edge storage using a MicroSD card and Axis Camera Companion provides an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to view live footage and pre-recorded events using a cell phone or tablet PC.
  • Recording to a MicroSD card and NAS devices to save on storage and create redundancy in your security system
  • Adjustable pre-focused lens - manually adjust to the optimum focus if necessary
  • H.264 compression technology saves on network resources and storage by reducing file size with minimal effect on image quality
  • Video intelligence triggers recording using motion detection and active tampering to ensure critical footage is not missed

Typical use

With a compact design and an included bracket for mounting on both walls and ceilings, the Axis M1014 is easy to install, providing a cost-effective surveillance solution for your small business. see the full benefit of HDTV without compromising your budget.

Compatible recording platforms

Available models

  • Axis M1011 - VGA resolution
  • Axis M1011-W - VGA resolution with Wi-Fi connection
  • Axis M1013 - VGA resolution with MicroSD card recording
  • Axis M1031-W - VGA resolution, 2-way audio, built-in LED, PIR sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Axis M1054 - HD 720p resolution, 2-way audio, built-in LED, PIR sensor

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