Axis M1033-W indoor wireless IP camera with PIR, LED illumination, 2-way audio and edge recording 0521-002

Suited to home or small-business surveillance, this IP camera boasts Wi-Fi connectivity for installation in awkward places, as well as PIR sensor and LED lighting for event capture in complete darkness. The integrated speaker and microphone also allow interactive communication without the need for extra equipment.

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Axis | Axis M1033-W

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Axis M1033-W

  • Axis M1033-W

Overview of Axis M1033-W

The Axis M1033-W provides a large feature set in a discreet casing, ideal for home and office security. The camera features Wireless network support, compatible with the IEEE802.11n standard which offers improved range and transfer speeds compared to IEEE802.b/g cameras. Without the need for a network cable, the camera can be installed quickly in awkward or hard-to-reach areas. Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) is also supported by the camera, simplifying the wireless configuration.

Suited to low-light monitoring, the M1033-W also features an ultra-bright LED to capture events in dark environments. Additionally, the built-in PIR sensor detects the movement of heat sources around the camera. Used together, these can detect intruders in complete darkness and then illuminate them for easy identification. The M1033-W also features an integrated speaker and microphone, providing interactive 2-way audio without the need to connect bulky audio equipment.


A version of this camera with HD 720p resolution is available: Axis M1034-W HD 720p compact, wireless IP camera

Key features and benefits

  • Wi-Fi connectivity - install this camera without the need for intrusive cable runs
  • 2-Way audio with integrated speaker and microphone - speak through the camera with no need for additional hardware
  • PIR sensor - trigger the camera when heat signatures move in front of the camera, detecting intruders in complete darkness
  • LED illuminator - this event-triggered LED provides illumination to capture events in complete darkness
  • I/O ports - integrate the camera with external alarms or switches, increasing its flexibility

Typical use

This discreet camera is ideal for home and small office security, as well as surveillance of locations such as small shops and restaurants, where discreet, 24-hour surveillance is required.

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