Axis M1143-L indoor SVGA IP camera with built-in 15m IR lighting, day/night switching and edge recording 0435-001

This camera is designed for 24-hour security surveillance, featuring true day/night switching as well as built-in infrared illumination, capturing events in complete darkness.

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Our price:
€399.00 (Incl. Tax: €478.80)
Axis | Axis M1143-L

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Axis M1143-L

  • Axis M1143-L

Overview of Axis M1143-L

The Axis M1143-L is one of the smallest IP cameras available designed for true 24-hour surveillance. It features true day/night surveillance with a switchable infrared-cut filter as well as built-in infrared lighting. These allow the camera to provide colour footage in daylight, then monochrome footage in darkness, with subjects illuminated 15m away. The compact design of the camera, which only measures 115mm long, makes it ideal for unobtrusive surveillance of sensitive locations.

The M1143 also features Axis' edge recording system. Video is recorded internally to a MicroSD memory card (up to 64GB), or across the network to NAS devices, without the need for external hardware or software-based recording systems. This reduces system costs as well as reducing network traffic in larger systems. The camera also features support for external triggers. Door switches and push buttons can be used to trigger events in the camera, while the camera's event system can be used to trigger external devices such as alarm systems or lighting.


This camera does not include a power supply. If you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above. A version of this camera with HD 720p resolution is also available: Axis M1144-L HD 720p IP camera with IR lighting.

Key features and benefits

  • True 24-hour surveillance - true day/night switching and integrated infrared lighting let the camera operate effectively around the clock
  • Compact design - the compact, stylish design is unobtrusive for monitoring in sensitive locations
  • Edge recording - record video to a MicroSD card or networked drives without the need for an external recording device
  • I/O connection - integrate the camera's event system with external trip switches and alarm systems
  • Corridor format - capture footage with a 9:16 viewing aspect more suited to corridors, reducing wasted space
  • Stand included - there's no need for additional hardware when mounting

Typical use

The compact form factor and 24 hour capability of the M1143-L make it ideal for discreet monitoring in location where round-the-clock surveillance is required, including shops, restaurants, hotels and guest houses, office corridors, warehouses, small businesses and for home security.

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