Axis M3113-R rugged compact fixed dome IP camera with anti-tamper alarm, H.264, PoE 0330-001

The Axis M3113-R is a compact, rugged camera designed for video surveillance on public transport systems.
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Our price:
€351.00 (Incl. Tax: €421.20)
Axis | Axis M3113-R

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Axis M3113-R rugged compact fixed dome IP camera with anti-tamper alarm, H.264, PoE

Overview of Axis M3113-R

The Axis M3113-R is a rugged IP camera for mobile surveillance designed for deployment on public transport systems or emergency vehicles.

Small enough to go unnoticed the M3113-R measures only 4.2" in diameter with a 1.9" drop. The rugged design can withstand constant vibrations or shocks, is water and dust proof and will operate in demanding conditions and temperatures. If anyone should try and tamper with the camera advanced video analytics can detect attempts to move, cover or obstruct the camera and sent notifications, including images, by email.

The SVGA progressive scan sensor produces video with no distrotion or blurring from fast moving objects leading to more reliable identification. It also responds quickly to changing light levels to ensure the images produced are of the highest quality, ideal for mobile installations.

Installation requires no specialist tools, it is very quick to install using Power over Ethernet which simplifies wiring as data and power are combined into a single cable. Edge-based recording to network-attached storage can be set up without the need the need for a PC. Recording software is also included for a full live monitoring experience.


This camera does not come with a power supply. Should you require a Power over Ethernet midspan please select one from the options above.

Key features and benefits

  • Ruggedized design able to withstand vibrations, shocks/knocks and temperature fluctuations
  • IP66 rated weather proof casing allowing installation in demanding conditions
  • A progressive scan sensor provides high quality images and reliable identification of moving targets
  • Anti-tampering function can be set to send an alarm by email when the camera has been moved, covered or obstructed
  • Power over Ethernet provides a one-cable solution for power supply and network connection
  • Edge-based recording allows the camera to store video directly to network attached storage with the need for a PC
  • Axis Camera Station One is included for a fully featured recording and live monitoring solution

Typical use

This camera has been designed for mobile installations on public transport systems with a rugged, waterproof construction and high sensitivity to changing lighting conditions

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Milestone XProtect, Axis Camera Station, SecuritySpy for Mac
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs): Axis, Qnap
  • Web-based recording: SecurityStation

Available models

  • Axis M3114-R 720p HD version
  • Axis M3113-VE vandal-resistant version

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