Axis P1204 indoor covert HD 720p IP camera with surface-mount brackets and edge recording 0531-001

Capture clear HD video covertly with this tiny camera from Axis. The camera's lens module measures only 18mm across so is very difficult to see, with included brackets for surface and flush mounting. There's also MicroSD recording, so there's no need for an additional recording device.

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Our price:
€419.00 (Incl. Tax: €502.80)
Axis | Axis P1204

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Axis P1204

  • Axis P1204

Overview of Axis P1204

The Axis P1204 is a tiny IP camera designed for covert surveillance. The camera's lens module measures only 18mm across yet captures HD 720p video, with improved clarity and sharpness compared to other covert cameras. The lens module is also separate from the camera's main unit. These can be separated by up to 8m, allowing the main unit to be mounted away in a secure location.

Multiple mounting options for the lens module are available. Brackets are included for flush mounting or mounting at a 15° angle. Alternatively, the camera can be mounted behind a flat surface up to 5mm thick, with only the tip of the lens visible for ultra-discreet monitoring. This is ideal for mounting the camera inside other items or devices.

The P1204 also features integrated recording, allowing the camera to be deployed quickly without the need for recording appliances. Video is stored either onto a MicroSD card slotted into the camera's main unit or to networked storage. Additionally, the I/O system allows the camera to be triggered by external sensors such as door switches or push buttons, increasing the flexibility of the recording system.


This camera does not include a power supply. If you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above. A version of this camera with recessed-mountings is also available: Axis P1214 covert IP camera with recessed-mount brackets.

Key features and benefits

  • Ultra-compact lens module - the tiny lens module can be easily hidden for covert surveillance
  • HD 720p video - the video feeds produced by the P1204 offer improved image quality and sharpness compared to conventional covert cameras
  • Edge recording - there's no need for external recording devices, keeping the devices required to a minimum for quick deployment
  • Variety of mounting options - brackets are included for surface mounting or for mounting behind a flat surface
  • I/O connectivity - trigger the camera using trip sensors or switches, improving the camera's recording accuracy

Typical use

This camera is designed for covert surveillance. It is suitable for indoor locations where malicious activities need to be captured without alerting the perpetrator, for example cloakrooms, IT rooms, warehouses, nursing homes and cash handling areas. Alternatively, the compact lens module is ideal for integration inside other devices, such as timekeeping machines or door-entry systems to capture clear facial features of operators.

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