Axis P1343-E outdoor-ready day/night IP surveillance camera with SD card recording and auto back focus 0349-001

Ideal as a self-contained, professional surveillance system, with SVGA resolution, in-built recording and 2-way audio.
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Our price:
€769.00 (Incl. Tax: €922.80)
Axis | Axis P1343-E

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Axis P1343-E outdoor-ready day/night IP surveillance camera with SD card recording and auto back focus

Overview of Axis P1343-E

The Axis P1343-E is an ideal monitoring solution for outdoor locations in harsh weather conditions. The camera's housing is IP66-rated and heated so can monitor outdoor events without damage from weather conditions. 2-way audio support also allows users to speak with people in view of the camera, or to listen to events.

The camera can be installed and set up quickly, with power provided using standard or High Power over Ethernet, which only requires a single network cable to supply power and data. Additionally, Remote Back Focus can adjust the camera's focus remotely through the web interface, so adjustments can be made without the need for physical access.

24 hour monitoring is available when used with infrared lighting, with color video created in daylight and sharp black/white infrared footage at night. Video can also be stored directly onto the camera when used with an SD/SDHC memory card, removing the need for an external storage solution.


This camera does not include a power supply. Two power supplies are available, with PoE for conventional use and High PoE for extremely low temperatures. Please make your selection above when ordering.

Key features and benefits

  • Outdoor ready, able to handle harsh weather conditions and low temperatures
  • Never miss events because of darkness with day/night switching (IR lighting required for low-light monitoring)
  • Quickly and easily install the camera with Automatic Back Focus and High Power over Ethernet support
  • Record footage without the need for external devices using an SD/SDHC memory card
  • Talk interactively with people in view using 2-way audio functionality

Typical use

  • The Axis P1343-E is suited to various outdoor surveillance requirements in locations such as schools, department store and mall entrances, airports, warehousing and storage yards, corporate buildings and parking lots.
  • Compatible recording platforms

    • Software: Milestone XProtect, Axis Camera Station, SecuritySpy for Mac
    • Network Video Recorders (NVRs): Axis, Qnap
    • Web-based recording: SecurityStation

    Available models

    • Axis P1343 - SVGA resolution indoor camera
    • Axis P1344-E - HD720p resolution outdoor camera
    • Axis P1346-E - 3MP/HD1080p resolution outdoor camera
    • Axis P1347-E - 5MP resolution outdoor camera

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