Axis P3364-LV indoor fixed-dome IP camera with built-in variable infrared LEDs 0486-001

This fixed-dome camera is designed for clear low-light surveillance. It features three high-power infrared LEDs with variable intensity for event capture in complete darkness as well as Axis' Lightfinder technology, producing colour video in light conditions much lower than other IP cameras.

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Our price:
€749.00 (Incl. Tax: €898.80)
Axis | Axis P3364-LV

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Axis P3364-LV

  • Axis P3364-LV

Overview of Axis P3364-LV

The Axis P3364-LV provides clear video footage regardless of the light conditions. It features three high-power infrared LEDs to illuminate the environment in complete darkness with variable output so as not to blind the camera if subjects are too close. Axis' Lightfinder system is also included which captures colour video in light levels where other cameras would only be able to provide monochrome. It allows camera operators to more easily identify subjects in view and provide colour descriptions to authorities.

Suitable for high-risk locations, the M3364-LV's outer casing is IK10-rated, protecting the camera from vandalism or accidental damage. The camera's modular design also allows it to be mounted quickly and with the remote focus and zoom control, accurately aimed without the need for physical access to the camera. The lens also features a P-iris, offering improved iris precision for deeper depth of field with larger focus area.


This camera does not include a power supply. If you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above. An outdoor-ready version of this camera is also available: Axis P3364-LVE outdoor-ready dome camera with infrared lighting.

Key features and benefits

  • Adaptable infrared lighting with true day/night switching - capture events clearly regardless of the current light conditions
  • Lightfinder technology - ensure that colour data is retained in very-low light conditions, where other cameras would only provide monochrome video
  • Tough vandal-resistant housing - suitable for monitoring high-risk environments where vandalism is possible
  • Remote focus/zoom - the camera's focus and zoom are set through the web interface, making installation much easier and quicker
  • P-iris lens - this lens increases the focal area of the camera, so that a larger area is in focus than other cameras
  • Edge recording - store video feeds internally, to SD memory card or across the network to NAS devices

Typical use

This camera is suitable for indoor deployment in locations where video needs to be captured regardless of external light conditions, including supermarkets and department stores, warehouses, hotels, basements and office buildings.

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