Axis P3364-LVE outdoor fixed-dome IP camera with 25m infrared night vision and Lightfinder technology 0473-001

This outdoor-ready and vandal-resistant IP camera features ultra-bright infrared LEDs, illuminating objects over 25m away. Additionally, Lightfinder technology captures colour feeds in light conditions much lower than other IP cameras.

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€879.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,054.80)

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Our price:
€879.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,054.80)
Axis | Axis P3364-LVE

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Axis P3364-LVE

  • Axis P3364-LVE

Overview of Axis P3364-LVE

The Axis P3364-LVE is an outdoor-ready fixed-dome IP camera designed to perform in low-light conditions. It features intelligent infrared illumination which unlike most IP cameras, adapts to the camera's viewing angle and image brightness, ensuring the optimal light level for subject identification. Axis Lightfinder technology is also present, capturing colour video in light levels as low as 0.18 lux, preserving colour data where most cameras would only be able to capture monochrome video.

The P3364-LVE's outer casing is IP66 and IK10 rated, ensuring that harsh weather or vandal attacks do not damage the camera. Easy to install, the camera's automated focus and zoom accurately set the view through the web interface with no need for direct access to the camera. The P-iris lens also increases the camera's depth-of-field, ensuring that larger areas are in focus than other IP cameras.


This camera does not include a power supply. If you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above. An indoor version of this camera is also available: Axis P3364-LV IP camera with built-in infrared lighting.

Key features and benefits

  • Adaptable infrared lighting - the intelligent LED system illuminates objects over 25m away with adaptive illumination and aim
  • Lightfinder technology - maintain colour data in light conditions so low that other IP cameras would have resorted to monochrome footage
  • Tough outer casing - cover outdoor areas or locations where vandalism is likely without risk of damage to the camera
  • Remote focus/zoom - easily set the camera's focus and zoom through the web interface
  • P-iris lens - the accurate iris movement ensures a larger depth of field than other IP cameras
  • Edge recording - store video feeds without the need for external recording devices

Typical use

This camera is ideal for low-light surveillance of outdoor environments, especially where vandalism is a possibility, for example car parks, loading bays, building entrances, school grounds, corporate buildings and for traffic monitoring.

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