Axis P3364-V indoor, vandal-resistant IP camera with Lightfinder technology, day/night switching and 720p resolution 0471-001

This camera features a tough, vandal-resistant housing and produces HD 720p resolution color video in very-low light levels, for professional 24-hour surveillance in high-risk locations.
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€649.00 (Incl. Tax: €778.80)

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Our price:
€649.00 (Incl. Tax: €778.80)
Axis | Axis P3364-V

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Axis P3364-V ceiling mounted

  • Axis P3364-V ceiling mounted
  • Axis P3364-V wall mounted

Overview of Axis P3364-V

The Axis P3364-V IP camera is suited to professional low-light surveillance in high-risk locations. The camera’s tough casing is vandal-resistant, so can be mounted in exposed locations, and with crisp HD 720p resolution, the security footage produced is sharp and detailed.

At night, the camera captures infrared light, providing true night vision when used with an infrared light source (not included). Additionally, the P3364-V’s Lightfinder technology captures color video in near-dark conditions, improving the chances of identification.

As an alternative to PC or server-based recording, the P3364’s internal recording system stores security video to networked storage or internally to an SD memory card. Automatic focus/zoom and modular construction ensure that the camera can be mounted in minutes, reducing installation costs.


This camera is available with 6mm (105-49° view) and 12mm (82-24° view) lenses. Please make your selection above when ordering. Additionally, this camera does not come with a power supply. You can add one using the options above if required.

Key features and benefits

  • Mount the camera in exposed indoor locations without risk of damage
  • Capture sharp HD 720p video
  • Lightfinder technology captures color video in very-low lighting for easier identification
  • Integrate with infrared lighting for true night vision (lighting not included)
  • Record video without the need for external software/hardware
  • Modular construction and automatic focus/zoom allow the camera to be mounted quickly
  • The camera’s P-iris lens improves depth-of-field for sharper, clearer footage
  • Listen to events or challenge intruders with 2-way audio

Typical use

This dome-style IP camera is suited to indoor environments where vandalism is a possibility and where HD security footage is required in low-light conditions, including transport hubs, malls and shopping malls, banks and corporate offices.

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