Axis P3364-VE outdoor-ready IP camera with Lightfinder technology, true day/night, HD 720p resolution 0482-001

With a tough, outdoor-ready casing and superb low-light HD vision, this professional Axis IP camera captures outdoor surveillance footage in demanding light conditions.
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€779.00 (Incl. Tax: €934.80)

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Our price:
€779.00 (Incl. Tax: €934.80)
Axis | Axis P3364-VE

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  • P3364-VE
  • P3364-VE
  • P3364-VE

Overview of Axis P3364-VE

The Axis P3364-VE IP camera combines superb HD with low-light visibility and a tough weatherproof casing for professional surveillance of high-risk outdoor locations.

Featuring Axis’ Lightfinder technology, color video is produced in near-dark conditions, providing more detail to operators for easier identification. True day/night switching is also available, producing infrared-sensitive monochrome footage in darkness when combined with infrared lighting.

The P3364-VE’s tough outer casing is IK10 and IP66-rated, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather and vandal attacks. Additionally, the camera’s modular construction and automatic focus allow it to mounted in minutes.

The internal recording system on the camera provides an alternative to software-based recording, storing video directly to networked storage or an internal SD card. Camera operators can also interact with people in view using the 2-way audio system, allowing them to challenge intruders from a safe distance.


This camera is available with 6mm (105-49° view) and 12mm (82-24° view) lenses. Please make your selection above when ordering. Additionally, this camera does not come with a power supply. Please add one using the options above if required.

Key features and benefits

  • Provides professional surveillance in high-risk outdoor environments
  • Capture color security footage in near dark light levels using Axis’ Lightfinder technology
  • View events around the clock by combining the camera with infrared lighting (not included)
  • Ensure that video is clear and detailed with HD 720p resolution
  • Record directly to SD memory card or NAS drives using the in-built recording system
  • Install the camera in a matter of minutes to reduce system costs
  • Improved depth-of-field with the integrated P-iris lens
  • Challenge intruders remotely using the 2-way audio system

Typical use

This IP camera’s low-light capabilities and outdoor-ready, vandal-resistant casing make it suitable for 24-hour surveillance in high-risk locations such as banks, terminals, mall entrances and loading bays, schools, hospitals and parking lots.

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