Axis P5512-E outdoor IP camera with 360 degree PTZ, true day/night capability, PoE 0410-001

The Axis P5512-E outdoor security camera has full 360 degree pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and day/night mode, ideal for monitoring large areas around-the-clock.
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€1,299.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,558.80)

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Our price:
€1,299.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,558.80)
Axis | Axis P5512-E

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Axis P5512-E outdoor IP camera with 360 degree PTZ, true day/night capability, PoE

Overview of Axis P5512-E

Combining 360° pan, 180° tilt and 12x optical zoom with a robust IP66-rated casing, the Axis P5512-E is ideal for outdoor surveillance of open spaces such as storage yards and parking lots. Automatic day/night modes let the camera capture events in complete darkness when used with infrared lighting, while H.264 compression minimizes the camera's use of network and storage resources during monitoring or recording across the network.

Video can be recorded on board the camera itself using an SD/SDHC card (not included), removing the need for external DVR systems and improving recording reliability. This IP camera's GateKeeper mode will also automatically zoom in on a specific area when triggered, capturing detailed, close-up footage before returning to the previous view.

The camera is compatible with a wide range of mounting hardware and can be mounted to various surfaces. Additionally, power is supplied to the camera using Power over Ethernet, allowing the camera to be mounted in remote locations easily without requiring access to a local power source.


This camera does not come with a power supply. Should you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above.

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor a large area with pan, tilt and 12x optical zoom
  • IP66-rated outdoor casing enables the camera to continue operation in harsh weather conditions
  • Capture events in complete darkness when used in conjunction with infrared lighting
  • There's no need for a local power source with Power over Ethernet support
  • Record and store video on board the camera using an SD/SDHC card
  • H.264 video compression reduces video bandwidth and storage requirements
  • GateKeeper system automatically captures close up footage of specific areas such as gates and entrance points when triggered

Typical use

The Axis P5512-E combines 24-hour security with a large field of view, making it ideal for outdoor surveillance of many locations such as building sites, parking lots, corporate buildings, coach and rail terminals, delivery entrances and gas stations

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Milestone XProtect, Axis Camera Station, SecuritySpy for Mac
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs): Axis, Qnap
  • Web-based recording: SecurityStation

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