Axis P5544 indoor pan-tilt-zoom IP camera with secondary hemispheric lens & 18x optical zoom 0434-002

This camera combines the benefits of both hemispheric and pan-tilt-zoom IP cameras, featuring a 360° lens for all-round overviews with no blind spots, as well as full pan/tilt and 18x optical zoom for close-up shots of subjects in the camera's view. With supreme controllability, an all-round overview and the ability to rapidly home in on a subject, this camera is great in solutions where an operator's situational awareness is paramount.
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€2,499.00 (Incl. Tax: €2,998.80)

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Our price:
€2,499.00 (Incl. Tax: €2,998.80)
Axis | Axis P5544

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Axis P5544

  • Axis P5544
  • Axis P5544

Overview of Axis P5544

The Axis P5544 is unique in offering a hemispheric 360° lens while also offering pan and tilt with 18x optical zoom, reducing the drawbacks of both platforms. The hemispheric lens captures events all around the camera at once, ensuring that no event is missed due to the camera aiming elsewhere. When close up shots are required, the 18x optical zoom is used to get zoomed-in footage. The two systems operate in combination to cover a massive 950m², significantly reducing the number of cameras required for large area coverage or delivering supreme operator awareness and control.

Axis' Advanced Gatekeeper system also improves the performance of unmanned surveillance. The camera can be triggered by a subject walking through a door or site entry and will automatically zoom in to capture the subject's features, before returning to the overview after a period of time. The P5544 also provides Wide Dynamic Range support to handle situations where subjects are in front of a strong backlight source, where other cameras may be blinded.

The Axis P5544 is designed to be installed quickly, with included brackets for mounting on hard or suspended ceilings. It also supports High Power over Ethernet and comes bundled with a single-port midspan, reducing the amount of cabling required for installation.


A version of this camera without the hemispheric lens is also available: Axis P5534.

Key features and benefits

  • 360° hemispheric lens with PTZ - combine the benefits of a hemispheric IP camera and a PTZ system, giving all-round views with up-close shots when required
  • 18x optical zoom - capture the same level of detail with near and far subjects, allowing the camera to cover areas over 950m²
  • Advanced gatekeeper - automatically capture close-up shots of subjects entering or exiting the site
  • High PoE support - for quick and easy installation, supply power to the camera through the network connection using the included midspan
  • Day/night switching - adapt to changing light conditions, capturing colour video in daylight and infrared-sensitive monochrome video at night
  • HD 720p resolution - capture double the image clarity of VGA-resolution cameras
  • IP51 rating - protect your investment from accidental damage with the IP51-rated casing, protecting the camera hardware from dripping water, from leaking pipes for example
  • On-camera recording - store video onto an SD memory card as a backup for networked recording devices
  • 2-Way audio - interact with subjects by using the camera as an intercom (additional cable required)

Typical use

This camera is ideal for large-area or crowd surveillance, where the 360° overview allows operators to record and monitor all around the camera simultaneously, only zooming to capture close-up shots when required. It's suitable for many locations including stadia, public transport terminals and sea ports.

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