Axis P7701 one port network video decoder with triple-codec support and one-way audio 0319-002

The Axis M7701 video decoder allows video from Axis IP cameras to be viewed on monitors without the need for a PC.
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Our price:
€359.00 (Incl. Tax: €430.80)
Axis | Axis P7701

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Axis P7701 one port network video decoder with triple-codec support and one-way audio

Overview of Axis P7701

The Axis P7701 one port video decoder is designed to replace PCs used to convert video footage from Axis IP cameras for display on analog and digitial monitors. Alternatively, the decoder can be used to save server demands by offsetting recording processing in large security systems.

The decoder can support an unlimited number of cameras and multiple cameras can be cycled through or viewed one at at time, ideal for converting an existing analog surveillance system to digital IP. One-way audio support can also output audio from each camera through the monitor, letting users listen in to audio from the camera location.

The server has a compact design which helps to save on space and can be mounted close to output monitors. DVI-I and RCA outputs offer a choice of view between analog and digital monitors, while the decoder can also be triggered by event detection features such as motion and tamper detection in each camera, ensuring that no event is missed.

Key features and benefits

  • Output video footage from Axis IP security cameras to analog or digital monitors without a PC
  • Integrate with an unlimited number of concurrent IP cameras and cycle through each one at a time
  • Pull video from IP security cameras with high definition (720p) resolution
  • H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression formats supported, providing adjustment for video quality and network bandwidth
  • Compact size helps to save on space compared to a PC-based system
  • One-way audio output can provide audio from each camera alongside video footage (compatible camera and audio equipment required)
  • Power over Ethernet support provides power and network connectivity using a single cable, helping to simplify installation
  • Recording triggers such as motion or tamper detection help ensure that no event is missed
  • External signal inputs can be combined with switches to provide manual switching between camera feeds without accessing the web interface
  • HTTPS support can securely pull video streams from compatible cameras on unsecured networks such as the Internet
  • IPv6 future-proofs equipment investment, ready for migration to IPv6 addressing

Typical use

The Axis P7701 is designed to replace PCs used as a network video convertor for analogue or digital displays in places such as department stores or shopping malls. Alternatively, the P7701 can be used in large security systems to reduce the processing load on recording servers by handling video output.

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