Axis Q6035 indoor IP security camera with HD 1080p, high frame-rate HD 720p and 20x optical zoom 0429-002

IP surveillance camera with both HD 1080p and HD 720p resolutions, giving superier image quality
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€2,599.00 (Incl. Tax: €3,118.80)

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Our price:
€2,599.00 (Incl. Tax: €3,118.80)
Axis | Axis Q6035

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Axis Q6035 indoor IP security camera with HD 1080p, high frame-rate HD 720p and 20x optical zoom

Overview of Axis Q6035

The Axis Q6035 indoor IP camera is capable of capturing video in high-definition quality at either HD1080p or HD720p. With 20x optical zoom and high-speed pan-tilt-zoom functionality, the Q6035 is ideal for surveillance scenarios which require a high level of detail to be captured over a large area, including busy premises such as airport terminals and railway stations.

Multiple streams can be run simultaneously, providing an ideal solution for when differing levels of image quality are required, including increasing frame rate when events are triggered and a higher level of detail is required. A built-in infrared-cut filter switches the camera from full color to monochrome imagery during low-light conditions, allowing recording to continue around the clock when used in conjunction with infared light (sold seperatly).

Active Gatekeeper technology can be configured to monitor pre-set positions, including barriers, entrance gates and doors, increasing image quality to ensure crucial detail is not missed. This is particularly useful for facial recognition and capturing details on license plates

The Q6035 uses Power over Ethernet Plus, using a single cable to provide network connectivity and power to the camera, helping to save on networking and installation.

Key features and benefits

  • Simultaneous streams at HD1080p and HD720p, providing high-quality video with H.264 compression, reducing demands on your network
  • Full HD 720p at up to 60 frames per second, an ideal setting for applications that require the capture of quick movements or smoother video
  • High-speed PTZ enables rapid repositioning of the camera's field of view
  • Supports streaming of multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG video feeds, allowing you to set different quality levels for monitoring and recording
  • 20x optical zoom allows you to zoom in on specific areas of the camera's field of view for close inspection
  • IP52-rated casing offers protection against dust and dripping water, including sprinkler systems
  • Active Gatekeeper technology automatically moves camera to a preset position when motion is detected in a pre-defined area, useful for capturing licence plates or faces
  • Automatic infrared filter allows the camera to capture high-quality black and white video even in complete darkness (infrared lighting not supplied)
  • Intelligent video analytics can inform you of any activity in the camera's field of view
  • On-board SD card slot enables local recording (card not supplied)
  • Connect additional input and output devices using multi-connector (cable not included)
  • Power over Ethernet Plus provides power and network connectivity through a single cable, simplifying installation

Typical use

The Axis Q6035 is well suited to deployment in mission critical indoor locations that require monitoring of large areas in detail, such as mass transit terminals and casinos

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Milestone XProtect, Axis Camera Station, SecuritySpy for Mac
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs): Axis, Qnap

Available models

  • Axis Q6035 indoor camera
  • Axis Q6035-E outdoor camera

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