Videotec DBH18K0F022 Medusa outdoor dome housing with smoked bubble DBH18K0F022

Discreetly monitor outdoor locations with this outdoor dome housing, featuring smoked dome to prevent people seeing the camera's aim.
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Videotec | Videotec Medusa - smoked dome

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Videotec Medusa DBH18K0F022

  • Videotec Medusa DBH18K0F022

Overview of Videotec Medusa - smoked dome

The DBH18K0F022 is an outdoor dome enclosure with built-in sunshield and smoked bubble.

This dome enclosure allows any pan-tilt-zoom camera to be mounted outdoors protecting your camera from wet weather conditions. Simple to install, the camera can be inserted from the top of the housing and the cables are contained within the mounting bracket giving a clean, secure installation. This model comes with a smoke dome bubble which reduces the chance that someone can tell where the camera is looking. Suitable for a range of models from Axis, Panasonic and Sony, the DBH180F022 allows you to place a camera in virtually any outdoor location.

Please note: This item is for the housing only. You will need an additional adaptor and bracket mount to fully install this housing (not supplied). Please see below for suitable adaptor and bracket options.

Key features and benefits

  • Mount pan-tilt-zoom or dome cameras in locations where harsh weather or low temperatures may cause damage
  • Smoked dome prevents people from seeing where the camera is looking and circumventing the surveillance system

Typical use

When you want to install your camera outdoors and don’t want everyone to know it’s a camera or where the camera is looking. Great for security in parking lots, sport stadiums, construction sites, college campuses, property etc.

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