Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2L 1.3 megapixel CS mount varifocal lens with DC-iris and day/night mode YV10X5HR4A-SA2L

Varifocal lens that is compatible with IP cameras that have 1/3" and 1/4" sensors and CS-mount lenses up to 1.3 megapixel resolution.
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Fujinon | Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2L

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Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2L CS-mount lens

  • Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2L CS-mount lens

Overview of Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2L

The Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2 lens is designed for use with IP surveillance cameras with 1/3" sensors and are CS-mount compatible. Able to support up to 1.3 megapixel resolution and monitor with a variety of focal lengths, the lens offers a wide viewing angle to help cover a larger spread, particularly useful for monitoring outdoor locations.

The lens comes with a DC-driven auto-iris and day/night functionality, allowing recording to continue around the clock by adjusting during changing light conditions in order to ensure image quality is not compromised.

Key features and benefits

  • Day/night functionalitiy helps deliver clear, crisp imagery during differing light conditions, allowing for round-the-clock monitoring
  • High-resolution compatibility for use with 1.3 megapixel cameras for both indoor and outdoor surveillance
  • Built-in ND filter supports high-sensitivity cameras, ensuring critical detail is not missed

Typical use

  • The Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2 is suitable for use with IP cameras which support CS-mount lenses and 1/3" sensors and can be used for monitoring a range of locations, both indoor and outdoor.


  • 4-pin plug connection for Iris Control Cable

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