Buy With Confidence

We want you to be pleased with the products you buy from us, the price you pay and the service you get. That's our buy with confidence commitment to giving you the best value through quality products, at competitive prices, supported by first-class product advice and free post-sales technical support.

Quality products

We only offer products from leading manufacturers and products from smaller manufacturers that have passed our stringent in-house tests, or have proven themselves in our installations out in the field. In security, reliability is critical and that’s why we only offer quality products.

Competitive prices

We continuously check competitor prices online to ensure we give you the best value. If you find a cheaper price, we’ll match it in accordance with our price match promise .

First-class product advice

Our Center of Expertise houses some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in IP video, able to provide you with expert, manufacturer-independent advice about which solution is right for you.

Great customer service

We strive for nothing less but total customer satisfaction. Our service delivery is geared towards urgent order processing, providing immediate order status information and giving fast responses to queries and requests. Frequent positive customer feedback is evidence of our great customer service.

Free technical support

Knowledgeable, patience and friendly, our technical support team receives daily customer praise for their excellent assistance. We believe that if you have bought a product from us, you should get it to work to its full ability and that if you have any trouble achieving this, we will help you out - for free.

Ensuring that you can buy with confidence is our value add.