World Center of Expertise in IP Video

We are internationally acclaimed experts in IP video headquartered in the UK from where we serve our worldwide customer base with an unparalleled level of knowledge.

Our Center of Expertise houses some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in IP video, able to give you expert, independent advice about which solution is right for you.

Our expertise

  • Over 25,000 IP cameras supplied since our inception in 2004.
  • Over 10,000 customers served worldwide.
  • Hands-on experience since the early days of IP video. We have completed hundreds of IP video installations in the UK, giving us a wealth of knowledge
  • In-house development of hosted video services, from which we gain in-depth insights into the technology.
  • Own benchmark testing of IP video products. See our Product blog.
  • Acknowledged by manufacturers as one of the leading providers.

Worldwide logistics

All orders are fulfilled via our UK office.

We live IP video

We were early adopters of the technology. Founded in 2004 with IP video technology at our core, we have built up an unparalleled level of knowledge in this field. IP video... we live it, we breath it.