Hosted Video Services

Developed in-house, we offer hosted video solutions for security surveillance, live video streaming and construction camera systems

SecurityStation - VSaaS platform   Streamdays - Live streaming webcam hosting   Remotemanager - Job site webcam monitoring and security

SecurityStation is our VSaaS offering (Video Surveillance as a Service). It is cloud-based, meaning that you do not need any system software. Live viewing, recording and video playback is all done via the web, with mobile support for iPhone, iPad and Android. Video footage is stored in the cloud. All that you need is an IP camera, an Internet connection and a SecurityStation account.

SecurityStation is the future of small-scale security surveillance (1 to 16 cameras). It is easy to set up and use, it is open platform (supporting a wide range of different camera makes and models) and ideal for night-time security or when you are on the move. Every business can benefit from using SecurityStation.



Enhance your website with live streaming video, using Streamdays webcam hosting. Streamdays helps you to improve your web presence and multiply your web traffic. Set up is extremely easy: you just need an IP camera and a basic Internet connection, we do the rest.

Streamdays supports all browsers and also iPhone, iPad and Android. It’s a managed service, we see to it that your camera has maximum uptime. Importantly, Streamdays features ‘referrer protection’ which prevents others from ‘stealing’ your camera content and using it on their website. Streamdays live streaming is ideal for tourism, leisure, sports and nature websites.

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RemoteManager is our web-based camera system for construction job site and build projects. It is ideal for project monitoring, creating time lapse films and keeping historical image archives. In addition, it can also be used for project promotion and managing stakeholders in the community. You just need an IP camera, an Internet connection and a RemoteManager account to get started. Its easy.

Hundreds of sites have used RemoteManager, with many high-profile projects and regeneration schemes having benefited from the high quality video and images that it provides.

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