Our expert tipTips for indoor wireless IP cameras.

When planning to use a wireless IP camera, check out that you have a strong signal at the intended camera location.

You can simply do this by holding any WiFi enabled device in the area where you're planning to mount the camera and check the signal strength. A wireless IP camera uses the same WiFi technology.

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More tips to find the indoor wireless IP camera that's right for you

In wireless IP camera locations where there is little or no signal, consider the use of a wireless bridge. In this scenario, you could place the wireless bridge in a nearby location where you do a have strong signal and run a short Ethernet cable between the camera and wireless bridge. Obviously, there would be no need to use an indoor wireless network camera in this case, widening your camera choice options. Network Webcams features Wi-Fi network cameras from Axis, Sony, Vivotek, Panasonic, Y-cam and other top brands.

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