IQEye IQ765NI indoor day/night surveillance camera with integrated recording and 5-megapixel resolution IQ765NI

With 5 megapixel resolution and edge recording, the IQ765NI is ideal for facial or object identification from a distance, and features a remote focus system and two-way audio with integrated microphone.
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Our price:
€916.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,099.20)
IQeye | IQEye IQ765NI

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IQEye IQ765NI indoor day/night surveillance camera with integrated recording and 5-megapixel resolution

Overview of IQEye IQ765NI

For locations that require identification from a distance, the IQ765NI offers 5 megapixel resolution, ensuring that video is extremely detailed and sharp. The camera's edge recording system also removes the need for dedicated recording platforms, storing video directly to networked storage, loweing system costs and reducing network traffic.

Should a centralized recording or monitoring solution be required, the camera is compliant with ONVIF and PSIA connection protocols, increasing flexibility when specifying hardware. Users can also talk interactively with people in view using the 2-way audio facility and with the integrated microphone can hear events without connecting additional hardware.

Low-light surveillance is possible with the camera's switchable infrared-cut filter, capturing color footage during the day and infrared-sensitive, monochrome video at night. The LIGHTGRABBER system further increases light sensitivity for brighter footage for easier identification of objects in view.


This camera has a selection of lens options avaliable. Please make your selection above when ordering. Additionally, this camera does not come with a power supply. Should you require a Power over Ethernet midspan please select one from the options above.

Key features and benefits

  • Capture clear, crisp 5 megapixel video, with over 16x more detail than an analog surveillance camera
  • Record directly to network storage without any additional software, keeping system costs low
  • Reduce installation time with remote focus and Power over Ethernet
  • The camera is highly sensitive to low-light, with day/night switching and LIGHTGRABBER technology
  • Talk interactively with people in view using 2-way audio

Typical use

The IQ765 is sutied to indoor scenarios where extremely high resolution is required, for example capturing facial features at a distance in a shopping mall, or capturing serial numbers on an assembly line/

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Milestone XProtect, SecuritySpy, IQRecorder
  • Hardware: QNAP

Available models

  • IQEye IQ761NI - HD720p resolution security camera
  • IQEye IQ762NI - HD1080p resolution security camera
  • IQEye IQ763NI - 3 megapixel resolution security camera

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