IQEye IQ862NE Sentinel outdoor-ready security camera with remote focus and HD1080p resolution IQ862NE

Easy to install with crisp HD1080p video 24 hours a day and rugged outdoor-ready casing, the IQ862 is a well-rounded surveillance camera ideal for day/night security.
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€1,110.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,332.00)

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Our price:
€1,110.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,332.00)
IQeye | IQEye IQ862NE

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IQEye IQ862NE Sentinel outdoor-ready security camera with remote focus and HD1080p resolution

Overview of IQEye IQ862NE

With high resolution video, low-light sensitivity, the IQ862 is suited to 24 hour outdoor surveillance in locations such as storage yards and bus terminals. The camera's casing is IP66- and NEMA4-rated, protecting the camera from harsh weather conditions and includes a rugged mounting bracket for quick installation.

The camera can be integrated quickly and easily with third-party security and recording devices, featuring being both ONVIF and PSIA compliant. Remote back focus and Power over Ethernet support also ensure that the camera can be installed quickly and easily, reducing installation costs.

The camera's switchable IR-cut filter lets it capture footage in low-light conditions, making it ideal for 24-hour surveillance, while HD1080p resolution ensures that images captured are sharp and clear. The LIGHTGRABBER II system further improves low-light images by increasing exposure times to increase light sensitivity.


A range of lens options are available for this camera. Please make your selection above when ordering.

Key features and benefits

  • The camera is ready to be installed outdoors, with rugged IP66- and NEMA4-rated casing and mounting bracket
  • Capture low-light footage with crisp HD1080p resolution and LIGHTGRABBER II technology
  • Install quickly and easily with Power over Ethernet support and remote focus facility
  • Integrate the camera with third-party recorders with ONVIF and PSIA support

Typical use

The IQ862NE is ideal for 24-hour outdoor surveillance applications requiring HD1080p video, such as warehousing and storage yards, corporate buildings, banks and schools.

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Milestone XProtect, SecuritySpy, IQRecorder
  • Hardware: QNAP

Available models

  • IQEye IQ861NE - HD720p resolution outdoor camera
  • IQEye IQ863NE - 3 megapixel resolution outdoor camera
  • IQEye IQ865NE - 5 megapixel resolution outdoor camera

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