Milestone XProtect Corporate IP video surveillance recording software - Camera License XPCODL

Camera license for Milestone XProtect Corporate IP recording software
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Our price:
€312.00 (Incl. Tax: €374.40)
Milestone | Milestone XProtect Corporate - Camera License

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Milestone XProtect Corporate IP video surveillance recording software - Camera License

Overview of Milestone XProtect Corporate - Camera License

Milestone XProtect Corporate is a surveillance system designed for IP security in large, multi-site locations with many IP video devices, such as airports, shopping malls and corporate buildings. This license allows a single IP camera or video server channel to be added with an unlimited maximum number of concurrent cameras. Over 900 device models are compatible with the software, giving installers a wide scope for camera selection.

Support for Milestone's Smart Wall software (license available separately) allows the creation of video walls for monitoring many cameras simultaneously while the Federated Architecture can incorporate cameras from third-party XProtect Corporate installation so that they can all be monitored from a single location. Cameras with integrated edge recording are also fully integrated into the installation, storing data during network downtime to prevent the loss of video footage.

Having a modular design, XProtect Corporate can be scaled up quickly to accommodate new additions to the system and, with the addition of failover servers, can recover immediately for server losses due to hardware faults. The powerful, centralized configuration software lets administrators add a large number of camera devices quickly and make system-wide configuration changes with a single rule-based command.


This license allows a single device to be added to a Milestone XProtect Corporate system and cannot be used separately. For more information please visit the Milestone XProtect Enterprise base license page. Additionally, XProtect Corporate comes with a 1 year Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA) as standard. For longer PMA lengths please make your selection above when ordering.

Key features and benefits

  • The system is highly scalable with a modular design for rapid deployment
  • Add video hardware from over 80 different manufacturers
  • Setup is very straightforward, with centralized, rule-based configuration and automatic camera detection software
  • Failover servers help to keep downtime to a minimum by instantly taking control in the event of a hardware error
  • Integrated edge recording ensures that video is not lost due to network errors
  • The system is compatible with XProtect Smart wall, allowing large video walls to be created for control rooms (license available separately)
  • Combine cameras from multiple XProtect Corporate installations with Milestone Federated Architecture
  • Multi-stage storage reduces the costs of long term video storage by reducing frame data from older recordings
  • Minimize viewing bandwidth with video multi-casting, sending a single video stream to multiple clients
  • Stream multiple video feeds from the same device with different compression formats, resolution and frame rate
  • Tag recordings with useful information for later review with the video bookmarking feature
  • Manage alarms from the entire installation from a single-point, allowing security personnel to respond quickly
  • The included 1 year Product Maintenance Agreement provides free system and driver updates and can be upgraded to a maximum of 5 years

Typical use

Milestone XProtect Corporate is a powerful surveillance suite designed for wide-scale, multi-site surveillance networks and as such would be suitable for many locations such as department store chains and shopping malls, casinos, industrial and processing sites, airports and transport terminals, oil rigs and academic sites.

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