Milestone XProtect Enterprise IP camera security surveillance software - camera license XPECL

Add an additional security camera or video encoder source to an existing XProtect Essential base license with this camera license.
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Our price:
€201.00 (Incl. Tax: €241.20)
Milestone | Milestone XProtect Enterprise camera license

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Milestone XProtect Enterprise IP camera security surveillance software - camera license

Overview of Milestone XProtect Enterprise camera license

Providing video recording for an unlimited number of IP security cameras, Milestone XProtect Enterprise is a powerful, large-scale surveillance package designed for use in locations such as department stores and schools. The software is compatible with video equipment from over 80 different manufacturers and is also compatible with ONVIF and PSIA compliant devices, giving a wide scope for hardware selection.

Multi-channel audio can be captured from compatible devices, capturing audio from the cameras location and providing interactive communication for monitoring staff. Monitoring is also possible on the move using the integrated PDA server, with access to both live and recorded video.

Camera hardware can be added to the system quickly using the automatic camera detection software while rule-based configuration allows settings for many cameras to be configured simultaneously, with system-wide changes made in only a few minutes. XProtect Enterprise also provides an open API, providing developers with the means to design software to integrate seamlessly with system functionality.


This license is for a single IP Camera device or video server channel to be installed into XProtect Enterprise and requires a valid XProtect Enterprise Base License. Additionally, Product Maintenance Agreements (PMA) are available in terms from 1 to 5 years. If you require a PMA please make your selection above when ordering.

Key features and benefits

  • Record video from an unlimited number of IP video devices, ideal for large-scale, multi-site networks
  • The system is compatible with over 900 different IP camera and video server models as well as being compliant with PSIA and ONVIF devices
  • Setup the system quickly from a centralized location using the automatic search tools and rule-based configuration
  • View live video and recordings while away from the network using a PDA or mobile device
  • Improve the performance and scalability of recordings with optimized long-term video storage
  • Integrate user accounts with Microsoft Active Directory for easy administration
  • Utilise two-way audio support on compatible devices for interactive communication and audio recording
  • Detect movement in view without any on-camera functionality using integrated video motion detection
  • Open platform API allows the rapid development of software which makes use of system functionality

Typical use

XProtect Enterprise is ideal for surveillance of large security networks in a variety of locations such as department stores, schools, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, oil rigs, storage yards, industrial sites and transportation terminals.

Licensing structure

This license allows a single IP camera or video server channel to be added to an existing XProtect Enterprise Base License. For more information, please visit the Milestone XProtect Enterprise Base License page.

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