Milestone XProtect Enterprise IP camera security surveillance software - Base License XPEBL

XProtect Enterprise is a professional, large-scale, multi-server surveillance application designed for security monitoring in locations such as schools, shopping malls, factories and large storage facilities.
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€1,968.00 (Incl. Tax: €2,361.60)

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Our price:
€1,968.00 (Incl. Tax: €2,361.60)
Milestone | Milestone XProtect Enterprise base license

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Milestone XProtect Enterprise IP camera security surveillance software - Base License

Overview of Milestone XProtect Enterprise base license

Milestone XProtect Enterprise provides robust, multi-site surveillance for IP video equipment, ideal for many large-scale installations in locations such as schools, department stores and hotels. The system supports an unlimited number of concurrent video devices and is compatible with over 900 different models, providing a massive selection for installers to choose from.

The modular system architecture allows XProtect Enterprise to be efficiently scaled as time passes while the open platform lets third-party developers easily interface software for specific tasks. Setup and configuration can be performed quickly using the software's automatic device discovery tools and rule-based configuration system so that system-wide configurations can be rolled out in only a few minutes.

XProtect Enterprise also includes support for Microsoft Active Directory, simplifying the configuration of user accounts, as well as multi-channel two-way audio to allow monitoring staff to communicate interactively with people in view. Mobile server software can be integrated at no extra cost, allowing monitoring from an iPhone or Android-based cell phone.


This license is for the installation of XProtect Enterprise recording servers and does not come with any device licenses. To purchase device licenses please see the Milestone XProtect Enterprise Device License page. Additionally, Product Maintenance Agreements (PMA) are available in terms from 1 to 5 years. If you require a PMA please make your selection above when ordering.

Key features and benefits

  • The software is fully scalable, allowing an unlimited number of devices to be added
  • Over 900 different IP video devices are supported, giving system designers a wide scope for hardware selection
  • Rule-based configuration and camera setup wizards let administrators set up large systems quickly
  • Seamlessly monitor live and recorded video on the move using the integrated PDA client software
  • Optimized long term storage improves the performance and scalability of recordings
  • Active Directory support simplifies user management for large installations
  • Multi-channel two-way audio improves the effectiveness of the surveillance system, capturing audio or allowing interactive communication
  • Camera independent motion detection provides a single interface for all types of camera
  • Open software platform allows third-party developers to easy create applications which can integrate with system features
  • ONVIF and PSIA compatible cameras are supported, further increasing the range of compatible equipment

Typical use

Milestone XProtect Enterprise would suit many locations that require a large-scale, multi-site recording solution for IP cameras and video servers from multiple manufacturers, such as schools and colleges, hotels, department stores, warehousing and financial buildings.

Licensing structure

  • Server Base License
    This license is required for installation of XProtect Enterprise servers. Recording servers can be installed on an unlimited number of machines.
  • Device License
    A valid Device License is required for every IP camera or video encoder channel. For more information please see our Milestone XProtect Enterprise Camera License page.
  • Software Upgrade Plan (SUP)
    SUPs provide software upgrades throughout the duration of the term, protecting the investment made in security software and ensuring that the latest features and camera support is available. These are available in yearly terms up to 5 years and can be added using the options above.

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