Milestone XProtect Essential IP video surveillance software - Base License with two included camera licenses XPESBL

Monitor and record video from many different makes of IP security camera or video encoder from a single surveillance application.
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€76.00 (Incl. Tax: €91.20)

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Our price:
€76.00 (Incl. Tax: €91.20)
Milestone | Milestone XProtect Essential base license

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Milestone XProtect Essential IP video surveillance software - Base License with two included camera licenses

Overview of Milestone XProtect Essential base license

Replacing Milestone's XProtect Basis+ software, XProtect Essential is an IP video surveillance and recording application designed for use in small to medium sized businesses which is compatible with over 800 different types of IP camera, video server and security hardware. Up to 26 video sources can be integrated, with licenses available on a per-camera basis, so that the security system can grow gradually over time.

Remote client software provides access to recordings and live video locally or remotely over the Internet, meaning that monitoring staff can be located off-site, with up to 5 different clients connected simultaneously. All camera functionality, such as PTZ, input/output ports and audio (1-channel) are preserved, meaning that there is no need to lose functionality when integrating cameras into the system.

Essential has also been designed to be as easy to install as possible, providing installation wizards and time-saving configuration tools which allow a large surveillance network to be configured quickly. The software is also very resilient, proving reliable in over 50,000 installations across the globe, giving piece of mind.

Key features and benefits

  • Scalable licensing means that cameras can be added over time as the system grows
  • Use hardware from a variety of IP video manufacturers, combining them into a single centralized surveillance system
  • Access the system locally or from across the globe using the Remote and Smart client software
  • Reduce the budget required to install a security system with cost-effective, per-camera licensing

Typical use

Milestone XProtect Essential is ideal for use in small-to-medium sized businesses, such as small stores, offices, bars, and restaurants, as well as use for home security.

Licensing structure

This license allows the installation of a single XProtect Essential recording server onto a PC. Two IP video sources can also be added to this recording server without additional purchase. Should you require the addition of more cameras, an XProtect Essential Camera licenses must be purchased for each video channel. For more information on these, please visit our Milestone XProtect Essential camera license page.

Additionally, Milestone provide Software Upgrade Plans (SUPs) which entitle the owner to free updates for the length of the license as well as a refund of the purchase price of the software should an upgrade be required. SUPs are available in yearly blocks and are purchased with a new product. At the end of the SUP term we will contact you to renew if required. If you would like to add a SUP please select a term from the options above.

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