Milestone XProtect Essential IP video surveillance software - Camera License XPESCL

Add an additional security camera or video encoder source to an existing XProtect Essential base license with this camera license.
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€38.00 (Incl. Tax: €45.60)

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Our price:
€38.00 (Incl. Tax: €45.60)
Milestone | Milestone XProtect Essential camera license

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Milestone XProtect Essential IP video surveillance software - Camera License

Overview of Milestone XProtect Essential camera license

Milestone XProtect Essential is a powerful IP video surveillance application which can record from up to 26 devices simultaneously. Compatible with a wide range of IP cameras, video servers and security equipment, the software provides centralized access to live and recorded footage with remote access so that video can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

Easy to configure, XProtect Essential makes it easy to set up a powerful surveillance system very quickly. Camera functionality, such as PTZ, megapixel video and audio (1-channel), are fully integrated into the interface and can be accessed quickly when needed. Easy to expand, camera licenses can be purchased individually so that as surveillance systems grows, XProtect Essential can grow with it.

Key features and benefits

  • Add an additional IP video source to an existing Milestone XProtect Essential installation
  • Compatible with over 800 different IP video devices

Typical use

Milestone XProtect Essential is ideal for use in small-to-medium sized businesses, such as small stores, offices, bars, and restaurants, as well as use for home security.

Licensing structure

Milestone XProtect Essential is licensed on a server and camera basis. In order to install the software, an Essential Base License is required which allows you to install two camera sources. If you require additional camera channels to be installed, you need one Essential Camera License per channel. For more information visit our Milestone XProtect Essential Base License page.

In addition to this, Milestone provide Software Upgrade Plans (SUPs) providing access to software updates. Additionally, should the software need to be upgraded, for example to Milestone XProtect Professional, the full cost of the software is refunded so that only the cost of the upgrade is required. SUPs are available in yearly blocks and are purchased wit a camera license. To add an SUP term, select the length of the term from the options above.

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