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Milestone XProtect Expert is a video management system (VMS) for large-scale or distributed IP camera installations, designed towards implementation in large and multi-site or multi-region installations such as in schools, colleges, universities, airports, retail chains, corporate branches or banks.
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€2,022.00 (Incl. Tax: €2,426.40)

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Our price:
€2,022.00 (Incl. Tax: €2,426.40)
Milestone | Milestone XProtect Expert

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Milestone XProtect Expert Base License

  • Milestone XProtect Expert Base License

Overview of Milestone XProtect Expert

With unlimited cameras, unlimited recording servers and unlimited users, and with its support for Active Directory, XProtect Expert fits seamlessly into the corporate environment. With its full support for 64-bit servers XProtect Expert can run more cameras across fewer physical machines whilst maintaining unlimited system scalability, and because it utilises XProtect Corporate-level features like edge storage, the flexible event rule engine, 2-way audio recording and the useful System Monitor plus XProtect Enterprise-level features like maps support and camera navigator, the software delivers ultimate flexibility and operational usability.

This software supports Milestone XProtect Mobile which works with iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones and tablet PCs. XProtect Mobile allows instant access to your live and recorded security footage from your mobile or tablet and with Video Push licenses can be used to push live video from a handheld device straight into Milestone XProtect Expert.

Please note: This license is for the installation of XProtect Expert recording software and does not include any device licenses. Additionally, this license does not include a Software Update Plan (SUP) which is mandatory for XProtect Expert. To increase your software cover please select an SUP option above.

Key features and benefits

Key features & benefits

  • Centralised management - centrally manage all aspects of the system such as connected cameras, devices, storage and users, all from a single client interface
  • Multi-server and multi-site configuration allows for an unlimited number of connected video devices
  • 64-bit recording servers - run more cameras on fewer servers, saving money on total system costs
  • Management failover server - redundant management server clustering allows rapid failover in case of server failure
  • Management client - a dedicated application for local or remote management, useful for system administrators
  • Edge Storage - fully integrated redundancy option to ensure uninterrupted video is recorded during network outages and re-integrated when connection is restored
  • Rule-based configuration and device group support improves installation times by applying settings to multiple devices at the same time
  • Multicast support - sends a single video stream to multiple clients simultaneously, reducing bandwidth use
  • Multi-streaming pulls two video streams from the same device at different resolutions, frame rates and compression formats for use separately for recording or live view
  • Recording bookmarks allow users to flag recordings with descriptions for review later
  • Interactive maps - get a full visual overview of camera locations and the layouts of an entire surveillance installation, allowing for quicker detection and response
  • Configuration reports - system integrators can document system delivery and provide a detailed listing of all configuration settings
  • System Monitor - gives instant feedback on system performance and enables proactive administration of the system
  • On-the-fly configuration changes

Typical use

Milestone XProtect Experts suits mid-to-large sized businesses or public sector organisations with high-end or multi-site security requirements.

Licensing structure

  • Server Base License
    An XProtect Expert Base License is required for installation which allows an unlimited number of management, recording and failover servers within the legal entity that purchases the license.
  • Device License
    A valid Device License is required for every IP camera or video encoder channel. For more information please see our Milestone XProtect Expert Device License page.

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