Milestone XProtect Express video management and recording software, base license, expandable up to 48 IP cameras XPEXBL

Combine up to 48 different models of IP security camera into a single surveillance application with Milestone XProtect Express, featuring network recording for limitless network recording and audio recording.
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Our price:
€154.00 (Incl. Tax: €184.80)
Milestone | Milestone XProtect Express

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Milestone XProtect Express video management and recording software, base license, expandable up to 48 IP cameras

Overview of Milestone XProtect Express

Milestone XProtect software offers an affordable video recording solution for IP security systems, allowing connection for up to 48 IP cameras.

XProtect is an open platform, making it compatible with over 1000 different IP camera models, recording devices and encoders from around 100 different manufacturers, providing an ideal recording solution for a wide range of IP surveillance systems.

Suitable for use in single-server installations, XProtect Express also supports archiving to network-attached storage at a greater capacity than XProtect Essential, Milestone's entry-level recording software. This in turn enables more cameras to run efficiently per server, providing a long-term, cost-effective storage solution for CCTV footage.

Video Motion Detection (VMD) is a key feature of XProtect Express, driven by the software regardless of camera make or model. Settings can be independently configured to suit different IP camera models, and a range of recording triggers can be set up, including adjustable sensitivity, e-mail and SMS alerts, exclusion zones, privacy masking and increased frame rate upon motion detection.

Dual Streaming support provides high-quality CCTV recording while also allowing live footage to be viewed at a lower resolution, helping to save on bandwidth and network resources. With support for both audio recording from multiple IP cameras and microphones, as well as integration with access controls and point-of-sale systems, XProtect Express provides an all-round surveillance solution for areas such as retail outlets, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

System configuration wizards are supported in 26 languages and help to streamline the setup process, providing a helpful guide for processes such as adding cameras, camera configuration, scheduling of recordings, managing system users and adjustment of motion detection settings.

The easy-to-use Smart Client Player interface provides system control across the entire XProtect product range and provides a number of features that allow for easy video monitoring. Footage can be exported using an in-house player, allowing it to be viewed by third-parties, including the police, without the need for additional software.


XProtect base licenses are for installation on a single server and include 2 camera licenses (allows connection of 2 cameras onto the system). Additional camera licenses for XProtect Express can be purchased separately.

Key features and benefits

  • Allows up to 48 IP security cameras to be connected to your CCTV system
  • Open Platform: supports over 1,000 different IP cameras and video encoders from almost 100 different camera manufacturers, giving you maximum camera choice
  • Dual Streaming: two individually configurable video streams allowing efficient bandwidth use. Typically, recorded video is captured at high quality and high resolutions, whilst real-time monitoring takes place at lower quality in lower resolutions
  • Support for H.264, M-JPEG, MPEG4, MPEG4 ASP and MxPEGg to tailor for individual needs
  • Compatible with all camera resolutions including HD and megapixel
  • Video Motion Detection, fully configurable per camera
  • One-way audio support for all 48 camera channels (providing camera supports audio)
  • Allows for up to 5 concurrent users
  • Easy access and system management via the XProtect Smart Client which is used across the whole Milestone product range and offers great flexibility in how you wish to view and manage your cameras
  • Optimised for both 4:3 and 16:9 screen ratios
  • Video footage can be archived using network attached storage (NAS), reducing storage and server costs
  • Compatible with the XProtect Retail and XProtect Transact bolt-ons, allowing the efficient monitoring of customers, till transactions and merchandise in retail shops. Both can link transaction data with CCTV footage
  • Milestone Integration Platform (MIP): a wide range of third party plug-ins is available allowing integration of PoS systems, Access Control, people counting applications and intelligent video analytics within XProtect Express
  • Easy installation and system configuration via wizards that guide you how to add cameras, configure video streams and set up video motion detection

Typical use

Milestone XProtect Express is an affordable solution ideal for use in small and medium-sized organisations that require an advanced, solid video security system with a maximum of five concurrent users. It is particularly suitable for small retailers who wish to capture PoS data with CCTV footage. Integration opportunities with Access Control systems make XProtect Express also an attractive solution for companies looking to link video footage with building access management.

Licensing structure

  • XProtect Express Base License
    The base license is required for installation of XProtect Express on your server. The license is for single-server installation only. The base license includes two camera licenses, allowing you to connect two IP cameras to the system
  • XProtect Express Camera License
    In addition to the base license a camera license is required for every IP camera or video encoder channel you wish to add your system. To buy camera licenses please go to Milestone XProtect Express camera license.
  • Software Upgrade Plan (SUP)
    We recommend purchasing a Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) with each license so that your system remains up-to-date and is more future proof. Milestone releases updates (which they call Device Packs) almost every two months, which may contain bug fixes, give you additional features and wider camera support. SUPs are bought by choosing from the drop-down menu above.

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