Mobotix ExtIO Extension unit for Mobotix IP Cameras MX-EXTIO

Add additional features to your Mobotix IP camera, including push buttons, PIR sensor and 2-way audio, or access camera features from a remote location, ideal for door-entry or intercom systems.
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Mobotix | Mobotix ExtIO

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Mobotix ExtIO Extension unit for Mobotix IP Cameras

Overview of Mobotix ExtIO

The Mobotix ExtIO module extends the audio and sensor functionality from a Mobotix IP camera to a separate location to provide access control for door/gate entry systems.

The module comes with a built-in microphone and speaker for 2-way audio communication, integrated PIR, temperature and illumination sensors and 2 illuminated push button switches which can be used to control external devices such as doors, gates, lights, alarms etc.

Easy to install, the ExtIO is connected to a Mobotix camera using a USB or network connection and the module is powered using USB or Power over Ethernet. No time consuming or costly electrical work is required.

Key features and benefits

  • The unit provides a simple and cost-effective solution for access control. Simply install the ExtIO at the location away from your camera and use as door/gate entry system with an integrated 2-way audio intercom
  • IP65 rated weatherproof design. Can be used in any indoor or outdoor location

Typical use

Use the Mobotix ExtIO to implement an affordable door/gate entry system with 2-way intercom. The unit can be used to alert security guards, trigger recordings or control external devices such doors/gates, lights or alarms.


  • Ethernet connection (push-down connectors)
  • USB socket
  • Line-out terminal
  • Line-in terminal
  • External I/O: 2x inputs, 2x outputs

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