Mobotix M12-SEC-D43N43 3.0 Megapixel IP65-rated IP camera with dual-lens day/night switching, 2-way audio and PoE M12D-SEC-D43-N43

3 megapixel IP security camera with dual-lenses for recording in both full color and black & white.
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€1,390.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,668.00)

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Our price:
€1,390.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,668.00)
Mobotix | Mobotix M12-SEC-D43N43

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Mobotix M12-SEC-D43N43 3.0 Megapixel IP65-rated IP camera with dual-lens day/night switching, 2-way audio and PoE

Overview of Mobotix M12-SEC-D43N43

The Mobotix M12-SEC-DNIGHT-D43N43 network camera is a 3.0 megapixel IP camera, IP65-rated all-weather casing with dual-lens automatic day/night switching, 2-way audio communication, built-in recording/playback software and IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet connectivity.

With its IP65-rated design, the Mobotix M12-SEC-DNIGHT-D43N43 is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Combine with IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet support and the camera to be installed in virtually any indoor or outdoor location, especially ideal for locations where conventional power would be difficult to locate. Automatic day/night switching is handled by a dual-lens design. One lens provides rich color images during the day while at night, when the scene darkens, the camera will automatically switch to an infrared black and white lens to deliver images down to 0.1 lux, or 0 lux with optional infrared illumination (not supplied). Images are delivered at a maximum resolution of 2048x1536 pixels (color) at a frame-rate of up to 30fps (at 640x480).

Using a built-in microphone and speaker you can effectively communicate remotely with people at the camera's location using a computer equipped with microphone and speakers. Like all Mobotix cameras the M12-SEC-DNIGHT-D43N43 comes with an integrated recording, archiving and playback solution using a ring buffer solution on Windows or Linux-based file servers. Comprehensive alarm management tools allow the set up of event triggers to send images by email or FTP based on a wide range of triggers such as motion, audio, infrared detection or external sensor input.


This camera does not include a power supply. Please select one from the options above.

Key features and benefits

  • IP65-rated and resistant to extreme temperature and weather, the camera is suitable for installation in any outdoor location
  • IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet compliant allowing the entire camera to be powered using the same Ethernet cable as the data. This simplifies installation and allows you to install in locations where conventional power would difficult to find
  • Unique twin-lens design provides 24/7 surveillance in changing lighting conditions
  • Integrated ring-buffer recording application provides a full recording/playback solution without the need for the additional expense of purchasing additional software

Typical use

A rugged outdoor IP camera, suitable for a wide range of demanding environments such as parking lots, industrial and commercial properties, railroad stations, schools, colleges and other indoor or outdoor public and commercial spaces and facilities

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Milestone XProtect, Mobotix MxControlCenter, Mobotic MxEasy
  • Hardware: QNAP

Available models

  • Mobotix M12-SEC-DNIGHT-D22N22 - outdoor twin-lens ip camera with 90° view

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