Mobotix S14D-SET2 with twin FlexMount 360° lens modules, 2-way audio and on-camera recording S14D-SET2

This IP camera kit is unique in offering dual hemispheric lenses, each capturing 3-megapixel resolution 360° shots and with FlexMount technology, able to be mounted at different angles or monitor completely separate locations.
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Our price:
€1,438.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,725.60)
Mobotix | Mobotix S14D-SET2

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Mobotix S14D-Set2

  • Mobotix S14D-Set2

Overview of Mobotix S14D-SET2

The Mobotix S14D-Set2 includes dual lens modules with FlexMount technology. With a combined resolution of 6-megapixels, these modules are separate from the camera's body and can be mounted up to 2m away, making them suitable for installation in confined spaces, or for simultaneous monitoring of two separate locations. The lens in each module captures a full 360° hemispheric shot, simultaneously covering all angles with no blind spots.

The camera and modules are IP65-rated; able to withstand anything the weather can throw at them. The lens modules are designed to be mounted into suspended ceilings and hollow walls, minimising the camera's visibility. Included extensions make the modules easy to fit in thicker walls, while the SlopeMount brackets can aim the module at an angle of 15°, to focus on key areas.

Cost-effective video recording is built-in, with 4GB of on-board storage which can be upgraded to 32GB. Video can also be stored directly from the camera to a networked hard drive for efficient, robust video storage with minimal outlay.


This camera does not come with a power supply. Should you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above. A version of this bundle with day and night lens modules is available: Mobotix S14D-Set3.

Key features and benefits

  • Dual hemispheric technology - capture 360° views of complete separate angles or locations
  • FlexMount technology - the lens modules are separate from the camera's body and can be placed in locations up to 2m away
  • SlopeMount brackets - aim the lens module down to increase ground coverage
  • Outdoor-ready - all of the included equipment is IP65-rated for use in harsh weather
  • In-built video recording system - reduce system costs and network traffic by storing video directly onto the camera's included 4GB storage
  • 2-way audio with built-in microphone - listen to audio feeds from each of the camera's location and add a speaker for 2-way communication

Typical use

With twin, independently-mountable lens modules, this camera is suitable for monitoring two different rooms (within 2m of the camera body), or for areas where two different angles need to be monitored next to each other, for example either side of a high-security door, or internal and external views of a warehouse entrance.

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