Videotec ODBH18H210 camera adapter plate with fan assisted heater ODBH18H210

Use this adapter plate to install a pan-tilt-zoom surveillance camera into a Videotec Medusa outdoor dome housing. The plate features a heater and fan, maintaining the internal temperature of the housing in low temperatures.
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Videotec | Videotec ODBH18H210

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Videotec ODBH18H210

  • Videotec ODBH18H210

Overview of Videotec ODBH18H210

The ODBH18H210 is a camera adapter plate with fan assisted heater and contains a step down adaptor to 12V.

This adapter plate has to be inserted into a DBH180F022/28 dome housing unit first before a suitable camera can be mounted into the housing. With fan assisted heater, the camera remains in a temperature controlled environment which means the dome will remain clear in cold weather conditions.

Key features and benefits

  • Adapts to a multiple types of IP camera
  • Includes heater and fan to maintain the temperature in cold weather

Typical use

Used to mount pan-tilt-zoom cameras into Medusa housings.

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