Videotec ODBH18H211 camera adapter plate with fan assisted heater ODBH18H211

For use with the Videotec Medusa housings, this adaptor plate allows Axis pan-tilt-zoom camera to be installed and features integrated heater and fan to maintain the housing temperature and prevent misting of the bubble.
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Videotec | Videotec ODBH18H211

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Videotec ODBH18H211

  • Videotec ODBH18H211

Overview of Videotec ODBH18H211

The ODBH18H211 is a camera adapter plate with fan assisted heater suitable for a wide range of cameras.

Used with a DBH180F022/28 dome housing this camera adapter is required before a camera can be installed inside the dome enclosure. The adapter plate also includes a fan assisted heater which regulates the temperature inside the housing reducing the possibility of the dome misting over or being obscured in cold weather conditions.

Input: 24VAC, Output: 24VAC

This adapter plate is suitable for a wide range of cameras, see below for full list.

Typical applications:

  • Used when installing an IP camera into a DBH180F022/28 dome enclosure

Suitable cameras:

  • Axis 231D+, Axis 232D+, Axis 233
Product specification: DBH18 Dome Housing (PDF 842k)

Key features and benefits

  • Adapts to a multiple types of pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • Includes heater and fan to prevent mist forming on the housing bubble and maintain camera temperature

Typical use

Used to mount pan-tilt-zoom cameras into Medusa housings.

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