Panasonic BL-VP101 indoor IP camera with electronic day/night, face detection and mobile viewing BL-VP101

This inexpensive IP camera is an ideal starter for home and small-office surveillance. It's sleek and includes advanced features such as face detection and electronic day/night switching.

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Panasonic | Panasonic BL-VP101

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Panasonic BL-VP101

  • Panasonic BL-VP101

Overview of Panasonic BL-VP101

The Panasonic BL-VP101 is a compact IP camera producing VGA resolution video; an ideal starter camera for home and small office surveillance. The sleek and stylish casing blends in easily with furnishings, with the included mounting bracket for quick installation.

Electronic day/night switching and 3D noise reduction improve the footage captured by the camera in low light, making intruders easier to identify when light levels drop. Surveillance footage can also be monitored while away from a computer using the camera's built-in mobile phone viewer.

The BL-VP101 also features facial detection software. This advanced technology detects facial features in view and can relay positional data to compatible recording devices. Panasonic's Network Camera Recorder software is included free of charge, allowing a single camera to be recorded to a Windows PC. The camera is also ONVIF compliant, so can be integrated with a wide range of third-party recording appliances.


A version of this camera with HD 720p resolution is available: Panasonic BL-VP104.

Key features and benefits

  • Compact and discreet - ideal for home or office use, blending in with furnishings
  • Electronic day/night and 3D noise reduction - improve the visibility of subjects in low-light
  • Face detection - detect faces in view and send information on their position to compatible network video recorders
  • Mobile monitoring - view live footage from the camera using a phone or mobile device
  • Included recording software - Panasonic's Network Camera Recorder provides free video recording to a Windows PC
  • ONVIF compliant - integrate the camera with a wide range of third-party recording devices

Typical use

With its sleek casing, mobile viewing and included recording software, this camera would be an ideal starter for small installation, such as home surveillance or small office monitoring.

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