Panasonic BL-VP104 indoor HD 720p IP camera with electronic day/night, face detection and mobile viewing BL-VP104

This camera is the successor to the popular BL-C101. It features improved resolution as well as advanced features including electronic day/night switching and 3D noise reduction for improved visibility in low light.

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Panasonic | Panasonic BL-VP104

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Panasonic BL-VP104

  • Panasonic BL-VP104

Overview of Panasonic BL-VP104

The Panasonic BL-VP104 is a compact IP camera which produces clear HD 720p video. Similarly to its predecessor, the BL-C101, it's sleek and discreet, ideal for surveillance in homes and offices, while offering improved resolution with electronic day/night and 3D noise reduction to improve low-light visibility.

Another new addition is the facial detection system. This software detects faces in view and transmits positional data to connected video recorders. It can also integrate with Panasonic's Network Video Recorders for true facial recognition. The camera is ONVIF compliant, so can be integrated with many third-party recording devices, but also comes with Panasonic's Network Camera Recorder for single-channel recording to a Windows PC.


A version of this camera with Wi-Fi connectivity is available: Panasonic BL-VP104W.

Key features and benefits

  • Compact and discreet - the camera can monitor discreetly, blending in with home or office furnishings
  • HD 720p resolution - resolution has increased from the previous model to HD 720p, with improved image sharpness and clarity
  • Electronic day/night - produce monochrome footage in low light with improved light sensitivity
  • 3D noise reduction - reduce the signal noise incurred in low-light conditions for clearer detail
  • Face detection - detect the appearance of faces in view and send their position details to compatible recording devices
  • Mobile monitoring - when away from a computer, monitor live images from the camera using an internet-enabled mobile device
  • Included recording software - Panasonic's Network Camera Recording provides video recording for a single IP camera to a Windows-based PC
  • ONVIF compliant - the camera is compatible with a huge range of third party network video recorders and software

Typical use

This camera is suited to surveillance of areas such as homes, offices, small businesses and stores, where the compact casing allows the camera to blend in easily, while the HD 720p resolution footage provides clear facial features for identification.

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