Panasonic BL-VP104W indoor HD 720p IP camera with Wi-Fi support, electronic day/night and face detection BL-VP104W

This compact camera features Wi-Fi connectivity, suitable for areas where network cabling would be difficult to install. The camera also produces HD 720p video and features software to improve low-light visibility.

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Panasonic | Panasonic BL-VP104W

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Panasonic BL-VP104W

  • Panasonic BL-VP104W

Overview of Panasonic BL-VP104W

The Panasonic BL-VP104W is a compact IP camera which features wireless connectivity, suitable for areas without a network infrastructure or where laying network cabling would be difficult. It's compatible with the latest Wireless-N connection standard and supports Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) for easy installation.

The BL-VP104 is the successor to the popular BL-C121. The new model features a 3-fold increase in resolution from VGA to HD 720p, producing sharper, clearer footage. Additionally, the new camera features Panasonic's facial detection system which detects the position of facial features in view for integration with NVR systems. Low-light visibility has also improved with the use of the electronic day/night software and 3D noise reduction, providing brighter, sharper footage when light levels drop.


A version of this camera without Wi-Fi connectivity is available: Panasonic BL-VP104.

Key features and benefits

  • Wireless connectivity - monitor areas where laying network cabling would be too difficult or costly to be viable
  • Compact and discreet - the camera's sleek casing blends in with home and office decor for unobtrusive surveillance
  • HD 720p resolution - video is sharp and clear with plenty of detail for identification
  • Electronic day/night and 3D noise reduction - catch events in very-low light conditions with increased image brightness and clarity
  • Face detection - detect the position of faces in view and integrate with facial recognition systems
  • Mobile monitoring - view feeds from the camera when away from a computer using an internet enabled mobile phone
  • Included recording software - record video to a Windows PC using the included single-channel Network Camera recorder software
  • ONVIF compliant - easily integrate the camera with third-party recording devices

Typical use

This camera is suited to entry-level security monitoring scenarios where network cabling would be prohibitively expensive or difficult, for example homes, offices and small shops.

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