Panasonic BL-VT164 indoor pan/tilt IP camera with PIR sensor, 2-way audio and face detection BL-VT164

The Panasonic BL-VT164 is a versatile indoor IP camera with a rich feature set which makes it idea for use as a single home security camera or as part of a small business security system. It includes HD 720p resolution, controllable pan and tilt movement, built-in mic and speaker and a PIR detector.
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Panasonic | Panasonic BL-VT164

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Panasonic BL-VT164

  • Panasonic BL-VT164

Overview of Panasonic BL-VT164

The Panasonic BL-VT164 is the replacement for Panasonic's very popular BL-C210, offering pan/tilt movement for coverage of large areas. It also features 2-way audio with a built-in microphone and speaker as well as a PIR bodyheat sensor for detection in complete darkness. Resolution has increased from VGA to HD 720p so that footage is 3x sharper and clearer than before. Additionally Panasonic have fitted their facial detection system, identifying faces in view and sending their position in view to compatible network recorders.

Low-light monitoring has also been improved with the introduction of electronic day/night switching. This system produces monochrome video in low-light conditions with increased brightness over standard. Additionally, the 3D noise reduction system reduces low-light image noise for clearer footage with sharper detail.


A wireless version of this network camera is available: Panasonic BL-VT164W.

Key features and benefits

  • Powered pan/tilt movement - control the camera's view remotely to cover a larger area than a fixed camera
  • 2-Way audio - speak through the camera using the built-in microphone and speaker
  • HD 720p resolution - capture 3x greater resolution than the previous model
  • PIR bodyheat sensor - detect the movement of bodyheat as it moves around the camera, catching intruders in complete darkness
  • Face detection - detect the appearance of faces in view and transmit detection data to connected Panasonic NVRs
  • Electronic day/night switching - increase the brightness in low light by switching to monochrome video
  • Privacy button - ideal for sensitive areas such as living rooms, the camera's view can be disabled at the push of a button
  • 3D noise reduction - decrease image noise for clearer low-light detail
  • Included recording software - record at no extra cost with the included Network Camera Recorder software

Typical use

The Panasonic BL-VP164 is suited to locations where a large field of view needs to be covered, ideal for open plan offices, shop floors, restaurants and receptions.

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