Panasonic WV-SF549 indoor vandal-resistant dome camera with 3MP resolution and True Day/Night switching WV-SF549

Monitor high-risk indoor locations with this vandal-resistant dome camera, providing 3-megapixel footage for clear images and true day/night switching for surveillance in low-light. Store video locally onto SDXC memory card and listen to events around the camera with 2-way audio.
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Our price:
€1,077.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,292.40)
Panasonic | Panasonic i-Pro WV-SF539

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Panasonic WV-SF549

  • Panasonic WV-SF549

Overview of Panasonic i-Pro WV-SF539

The feature-packed WV-SF549 is a professional indoor IP camera with vandal-resistant dome housing for surveillance of locations where vandalism is likely. Producing 3-megapixel resolution and featuring true day/night switching, the camera provides clear high-res footage down to near-dark conditions, even in the dark with used with external infrared lamps.

The SDXC recording system on the camera provides redundancy for recording systems, storing up to 64GB of video footage onto an internal memory card. Operators can also speak through the camera using its 2-way audio system, protecting personnel from hazardous situations.

With the capability to see through harsh, high-contrast lighting, the Wide Dynamic Range software allows detail to be captured where other cameras would fail. The on-camera face detection software also improves the likelihood of identification, automatically setting the optimum exposure so that facial features are easy to see.

The WV-SF549 also features Panasonic’s Variable Image Quality on Specified areas (VIQS) system which reduces overall video bandwidth by selectively lowering quality in sections of view, reducing storage requirements. The camera’s focus can also be tuned remotely using the Automatic Back Focus system, providing quick, accurate focus without direct access to the camera.


This camera does not come with a power supply. If you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above.

Key features and benefits

  • Vandal-resistant casing - Sturdy and rugged for installation in exposed areas
  • 3MP resolution - Footage is clear and sharp, with objects easy to identify
  • True day/night switching - monitor 24 hours a day when combined with infrared lighting
  • VIQS - Intelligently lower recording requirements by reducing image quality on low-priority areas of view
  • Wide Dynamic Range - Ensure that no detail is missed in locations with sharp contrasting light
  • SDXC recording - Protect recordings from loss during network outages by storing video onto SDXC memory cards
  • 2-Way Audio - Listen to events around the camera and challenge intruders remotely
  • Automatic Back Focus - Set the focus accurately at the touch of a button
  • Face SuperDynamic - When faces are in view, automatically change image exposure for clearer, more defined features

Typical use

The vandal-resistant casing and 3-megapixel resolution of the WV-SF549 make it suitable for facial capture in locations prone to vandalism, including schools and colleges, supermarkets, malls, banks and government buildings. Additionally, the integrated WDR system and true day/night switching are ideal for event capture in demanding and poor light conditions.

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