Pelco Sarix ID10-DN8-1 Day/night 1.3-megapixel fixed dome IP camera with PoE, microSD recording ID10DN81

The Pelco Sarix ID10-DN8-1 is a fixed dome IP camera which offers 1.3-megapixel quality footage at a frame rate of 30fps. H.264 compression is featured which reduces network and storage requirements while maintaining a high quality of footage.
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Pelco | Pelco Sarix ID10-DN8-1

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Pelco Sarix ID10-DN8-1

  • Pelco Sarix ID10-DN8-1

Overview of Pelco Sarix ID10-DN8-1

Day/night switching is also available using an infrared cut filter which allows you to capture full color images during the day and infrared-sensitive monochrome images at night (infrared lighting required for night viewing).

The ID10-DN8-1 is very easy to install, featuring Power over Ethernet which combines data and power into a single cable as well as automatic back focus which can quickly and accurately focus the camera at the touch of a button. Analog video output is also available for use with installations tools allowing you to quickly aim the camera (additional cable required).

A microSD card slot is fitted to the ID10-DN8-1 which allows you to store footage to a microSD card on event trigger without any additional software (microSD card not included).


This camera does not come with a power supply. Should you require a Power over Ethernet midspan please select one form the options above.

Key features and benefits

  • Capture security footage 24 hours a day (infrared lighting required for low-light conditions)
  • Store video images without any additional software using microSD card (not included)
  • Reduce storage requirements while maintaining high quality footage with H.264 video compression
  • See 4x greater detail than a conventional VGA quality security camera
  • Capture 1.3-megapixel quality images at resolutions up to 1280x1024
  • H.264 video compression offers high quality video footage with reduced network bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Switchable infrared-cut filter offers color footage during the day and infrared-sensitive video during the night (infrared lighting required for low-light monitoring)
  • On-board microSD card can store video images on event (microSD card not included)
  • Automatic back focus can quickly and accurately focus the camera with a single button press
  • Power over Ethernet support provides quick installation as data and power are combined into a single cable
  • Rugged Aluminum and polycarbonate casing can be either surface mounted or recessed into suspended ceilings
  • Analog video output available for use with installation tools (additional cable required)
  • Video blanking can hide key sensitive areas from view
  • Included 4-channel Pelco Digital Sentry DS4U recording software allows you to store footage to a Windows or Mac computer

Typical use

The Pelco Sarix ID10-DN8-1 would be best suited to larger surveillance installations in scenarios such as perimeter monitoring, entrance gates, building site security, loading bays and parking lots.

Compatible recording platforms

Software: Pelco Digital Sentry DS4U recording software, Milestone XProtect

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