QNAP VioStor VS-6016 Pro 16 camera Network Video Recorder (NVR) with 6 drive bays and 12TB maximum capacity VS-6016-Pro

Network video recorder with support for up to 16 IP cameras and 12TB storage
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QNAP | QNAP VioStor VS-6016 Pro

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QNAP VioStor VS-6016 Pro 16 camera Network Video Recorder (NVR) with 6 drive bays and 12TB maximum capacity

Overview of QNAP VioStor VS-6016 Pro

Providing up to 12TB of storage, the QNAP VS-6016 Pro is a compact Network Video Recorder (NVR) designed for monitoring and recording of up to 16 cameras simultaneously, ideal for security surveillance in department stores and malls. The system is highly robust, with features such as dual Ethernet ports, UPS support and RAID hard drive configurations, so that even in the event of a hardware failure, video footage is safe.

The NVR only requires 43W of power during operation, meaning that running costs are far lower than a similar PC-based surveillance system. Additionally, no compromises need to be made when choosing camera hardware since the system is compatible with over 800 different camera models.

Easy to install, the system features an integrated LCD screen, letting users set IP and hard drive configurations without any additional equipment, and a smart search tool which scans the local network for cameras. The unit can also be integrated with other QNAP VioStor devices, allowing users to monitor up to 120 cameras simultaneously.


This NVR does not include any hard drives.

For a complete list of compatible IP security cameras, please visit the QNAP compatibility page.

Key features and benefits

  • Record from 16 IP network cameras and store up to 12TB of video footage
  • HD video output removes the need for a monitoring PC, reducing system costs
  • Low power consumption means that running costs are lower than a similar PC-based solution
  • Highly robust, with a wide range of hardware and software designed to prevent loss of data due to hardware failure
  • Choose from over 800 compatible cameras when creating a system

Typical use

  • The QNAP VS-6016 would be ideal for surveillance recording in a variety of locations such as department stores, banks, shopping malls, office buildings, leisure centers and bus/rail stations.

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