Sony RealShot Manager Advanced surveillance software - 1 channel license IMZ-NS101

Monitor and record a single Sony camera from a professional surveillance solution with Sony RealShot Manager, integrating advanced video analytics software and an intuitive user interface.
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Sony | Sony RealShot Manager Advanced - 1 camera

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Sony RealShot Manager Advanced surveillance software - 1 channel license

Overview of Sony RealShot Manager Advanced - 1 camera

Sony's RealShot Manager Advanced surveillance software provides live video monitoring and recording for Sony IP cameras and security equipment. This camera license allows footage to be recorded from a single IP camera with the option to add licenses at a later date. The software's interface is intuitive and easy to use for novice users while still providing access to advanced features.

Support for cameras with Sony's DEPA Advanced video analytics is integrated into the software. Events can be triggered not only by conventional motion but also by video analytics such as object counting or missing object alarms. Additionally, the software can record video in HD and megapixel formats so recordings can benefit from the increase in image clarity.

Being an open platform, RealShot Manager Advanced can also monitor and record cameras from third-party manufacturers such as Axis and IQEye, allowing installers greater freedom when specifying system hardware. Recorded video can also be exported directly to USB Flash drives, CDs or DVDs without the need for additional software.


This license allows a single camera to be added. Licenses are also available with 4, 9, 16 and 32 cameras.

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor and record high quality video from a single IP security camera
  • The system makes use of Sony's DEPA compatible IP cameras to reduce network bandwidth and detect events more intelligently
  • Intuitive user interface allows even novice users to control the system quickly
  • Capture HD and megapixel footage from compatible cameras for easy identification of objects

Typical use

RealShot Manager Advanced would be ideal for monitoring and recording of Sony-based surveillance systems in locations such as shops, bars, restaurants, offices and garages.

Licensing structure

A valid license is required for the integration of each camera or video server channel

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