Sony SNC-RH164 Outdoor day/night security camera HD 720p with DEPA advanced and ViewDR SNC-RH164

Sony SNC-RH164 outdoor-ready HD 720p PTZ dome with DEPA advanced intelligent video analytics and XDNR dynamic noise reduction
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€2,549.00 (Incl. Tax: €3,058.80)

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Our price:
€2,549.00 (Incl. Tax: €3,058.80)
Sony | Sony SNC-RH164

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Sony SNC-RH164 Outdoor day/night security camera HD 720p with DEPA advanced and ViewDR

Overview of Sony SNC-RH164

The Sony IPELA SNC-RH164 offers megapixel quality images in combination with pan, tilt and 10x optical zoom. The camera also features day/night capability, providing usable images 24 hours a day (infrared lighting required) as well as an IP66 rated and vandal resistant casing to protect the camera from damage due to moisture or dust.

DEPA video analytics are also available on the SNC-RH164. This system intelligently evaluates the captured video footage and identifies separate objects. The software then evaluates the movement and position of these objects and will only alert you if necessary. Aside from this, the camera also features audio detection to alert you when any unexpected audio is received at the camera (microphone required) as well as tamper protection so that you can be alerted should the camera be shaken, knocked, spray painted or moved.

On-camera recording is provided by the SNC-RH164 using a built-in CF card slot which removes the need for any external recording hardware. Like all IP cameras offered by, the Sony SNC-RH164 has a built-in web server and can be viewed over a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or via the Internet as a streaming IP webcam.


This camera does not come with a power supply. Should you require a Power over Ethernet midspan please select one from the options above.

Key features and benefits

  • Monitor key outdoor areas without risk of damage due to vandalism or moisture
  • Use the camera 24 hours a day (infrared lighting required for night viewing)
  • Megapixel quality images provide much higher detail compared to conventional security cameras
  • On-camera recording removes the requirement for additional recording equipment
  • Advanced DEPA technology helps to lower the number of recorded events by reducing false alarms
  • Integrated IP66 rated, vandal resistant enclosure protects the camera from damage caused by dust, moisture and vandalism
  • Megapixel image quality provides higher video detail than a conventional IP security camera
  • H.264 video compression cuts video bandwidth without dropping quality or frame rate
  • 360° endless pan and 210° tilt allows you to cover a large area with a single camera
  • Switchable infrared-cut filter provides 24 hour monitoring (infrared lighting required for night viewing)
  • 10x optical zoom increases detail of far-off objects without losing image quality
  • On-camera recording possible with Compact Flash card (not included)
  • Wireless capability available using SNCA-CFW5 wireless Compact Flash card
  • Visibility Enhancer increases the dynamic range of the camera by intelligently brightening darker areas
  • XDNR software reduces noise associated with low-light levels to improve picture quality
  • DEPA video analytics provide advanced object tracking and detection to improve the effectiveness of your motion, audio and tamper detection
  • Voice alert can output a pre-recorded voice message when an event is detected to warn or alert people in the area
  • Ambient sound filter can cut out ambient noise so that only required audio is transmitted
  • Echo cancellation prevents any echo from forming when using the two-way audio capabilities
  • Dynamic range compression prevents loud audio from being clipped by dynamically adjusting gain levels
  • Conforms to ONVIF data transmission protocols
  • Future-proof IPv6 support
  • Quick and easy installation available using "rotate-and-lock" coupling
  • Compatible with all Sony IPELA security equipment

Typical use

The Sony SNC-RH164 is best suited to mission-critical outdoor security applications such as bank, government and corporate building entrances. The camera would integrate well with other Sony IPELA security devices as part of a larger security surveillance system including multiple cameras, network video recorders and storage units. This would make the camera suitable for larger installations such as shopping malls or school grounds.

Compatible recording platforms

  • Software: Milestone XProtect, Sony RealShot Manager Advanced, Sony RealShot Manager Lite
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs): Qnap

Available models

  • Sony SNC-RH164 Outdoor version

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