Sony NSR-500 network video recorder with up to 12TB of storage and support for 16 cameras NSR-500

This professional network video recorder captures full HD 1080p video from Sony cameras with up to 12TB of storage space, enough for 300 hours of continuous security camera recording. It supports 16 cameras, expandable to 24 with an additional license, and features RAID support for added redundancy.
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€1,914.00 (Incl. Tax: €2,296.80)

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Our price:
€1,914.00 (Incl. Tax: €2,296.80)
Sony | Sony NSR-500

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Sony NSR-500

  • Sony NSR-500

Overview of Sony NSR-500

The Sony NSR-500 is a professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) which captures up to full HD1080p video at 30fps, ensuring that security footage is very smooth with ample resolution for clear identification. Six internal drive bays provide a maximum recording capacity of 12TB, enough to capture 300 hours of video at full resolution. 16 cameras can be connected, with an optional 8 more with an additional license (selectable above).

The NSR-500 features Sony's RealShot Manager Advanced software built-in; a robust and powerful recording server with support for Sony's DEPA and DEPA Advanced cameras, providing video analytics to improve the detection vs false alarm ratio. RealShot Manager is very intuitive and easy to use and requires minimal training for use

The NSR-500 is just as easy to use 'at the console' as it is across the network. By connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse, the server provides full surveillance capabilities, while the RealShot manager Advanced client software provides the same interface when connecting remotely. Configuration is also very quick and easy, offering automated search and setup software to detect local cameras and add them to the system.


This server comes with a range of hard drive configurations, as well as the option to add an additional 6 camera licenses (to a total of 24). Please make your selections above when ordering.

Key features and benefits

  • Full-HD video recording - Record HD 1080p video at full frame rate, with ample resolution for easy identification
  • Up to 12TB of storage - capture up to 300 hours of Full-HD security footage, ideal for log-term high-resolution surveillance
  • Local control - connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the NVR to control and monitor feeds locally
  • Remote surveillance - control the server across the network as if you were in front of it
  • DEPA support - integrate with Sony DEPA and DEPA Advanced cameras for true video analytics
  • Support for 16 or 24 cameras - create large-scale security networks with a single recording point
  • Easy setup and use - install the unit quickly with minimal time required to train operators
  • Backwards compatible - integrate the server with Sony's discontinued NSR-1000 series devices
  • Memory expansion - connect iSCSI storage devices for up to an additional 16TB of storage capacity

Typical use

This server is suitable for the creation of Sony IP camera-based surveillance systems in a variety of professional environments, including supermarkets and stores, warehouses, manufacturing plants, office buildings, leisure centres and schools.

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