Sony NSR-S20 8-channel network video recorder with up to 2 TB storage NSR-S20

Network video recorder for use with up to 8 IP cameras, with a storage capacity of 2 terabytes.
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€1,145.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,374.00)

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Our price:
€1,145.00 (Incl. Tax: €1,374.00)
Sony | Sony NSR-S20

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Sony NSR-S20 8-channel network video recorder with up to 2 TB storage

Overview of Sony NSR-S20

The Sony NSR-S20 is a recorder of network video which is designed specifically for a single server or multi-client system. The recorder can display images in full HD video from up to eight Sony cameras at once.

With the abilities to identify faces and monitor busy environments, the unit is ideal for us in small/medium enterprises. A Plug and Play setup process is possible when the recorder detects cameras in the network without the need for establishing an IP address and setting the camera's parameters.

An infrared remote control is provided for ease of use, and can be used with a range of Sony IP network cameras (see Key technical features section).


The NSR-S20 is available in two versions: one without a built-in HDD (external storage required) and one with a built-in 2 TB HDD (NSR-S20/2T). Please select your storage option from above.

Key features and benefits

  • This recorder is able to record and display video in full HD
  • 8 cameras can be simultaneously be monitored and recorded from
  • Design is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for businesses with compact office space
  • Works in conjunction with a range of Sony IP cameras (see Key technical features section (see Key technical features for list of compatible models)
  • Automatically detects other IP cameras for easy setup
  • Ease of use assured with infrared remote

Typical use

The Sony NSR-S20 is ideal for small/medium businesses and places such as local stores.

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