Sony SNC-CH120 outdoor-ready camera bundle U-SNC-CH120

This kit includes a Sony SNC-CH120 security camera, with easy focus for easy installation and HD720p resolution, and an outdoor-ready housing with cable-managed wall-mount bracket, suitable for locations such as shops, malls, schools, warehousing and parking lots.
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€508.00 (Incl. Tax: €609.60)

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Our price:
€508.00 (Incl. Tax: €609.60)
Sony | Sony SNC-CH120 outdoor bundle

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Sony SNC-CH120 with outdoor housing

  • Sony SNC-CH120 with outdoor housing

Overview of Sony SNC-CH120 outdoor bundle

Combined with a Videotec Verso outdoor enclosure and wall bracket with hidden cable channel, the Sony SNC-CH120 static network security camera is suitable for use in a wide variety of outdoor environments. It is ideal for applications that require highly detailed image capture for person identification, such as public transport, financial institutions and colleges.

The SNC-CH120 produces HD 720p image quality at full frame rate and with its infrared sensitive sensor offers a 24 hour monitoring solution (additional infrared lighting required). At night, the camera switches to an infrared-sensitive black and white image, ensuring video capturing is operable at all times. Further, the SNC-CH120 features Sony's DEPA analytics technology making the camera capable of motion and tampering detecting with the facility of alerting you in case of any malicious activity.


This camera does not come with a power supply. Please select one from the options above if required.

Key features and benefits

  • HD 720p produces high resolution image quality and with H.264 compression, lowers demands on computer networks
  • Outdoor-rated Videotec camera housing protects against adverse weather conditions and the built-in heater enables the camera to work in low temperatures
  • Auto-switching day/night functionality provides a 24 hour security solution, switching from color during the day to infra-red sensitive black and white imaging at night (infrared lighting required to view in complete darkness)
  • Sony's DEPA technology provides motion and tampering detection, warning you when the camera is tampered or when motion is happening in its field of view
  • Stream Squared function can simultaneously send two 4:3 aspect ratio video streams in standard definition, helpful for focussing on two areas in detail
  • Easy Focus makes camera installation easier
  • PoE support means power and LAN connectivity can be run via a single cable, reducing installation time and cost
  • Sony RealShot Manager Lite software is included, providing an out of the box recording solution for connecting up to 9 IP cameras

Typical use

This bundle would be ideal for outdoor locations that require high resolution security video, and where events in low-light need to be captured, such as schools, stores and malls, factories, warehousing and storage yards, and parking lots.

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